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Considering Matt's character arc throughout the first season saw him struggling with the idea of killing Fisk, I think you're right. He understands all too well the seductive powers of revenge; Matt will see both Elektra and Frank as dark reflections of his own, and he'll want to right their courses, so to speak.

What I'd like to see, however, is instead of Matt pulling them from the abyss, they drag him closer to it. (I mean, it's Daredevil. If he isn't teetering on the edge of despair and self-destruction, something's wrong.) Along those lines, if the producers pull the trigger with Bullseye and Elektra, Daredevil might consider The Punisher's actions as being right after all.

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I think the problem with that, though, is that season 1 already did that with Matt. He didn't want to kill Fisk, then he did, then tried to kill him, then finally went back and solidified his Daredevil identity by choosing not to kill.

I think now the conflict might be Matt dealing with the consequences of either his choice not to kill or of others killing. If Matt can't persuade Elektra not to go down a darker path, he's gonna end up holding her corpse at some point, right?

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At the opening address of the Television Critics Association press tour, Neflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that Marvel’s Jessica Jones will premiere by the end of 2015, as expected.

He further laid out the ideal schedule for Marvel’s Defenders group lineup of shows, which is to have a new series or season premiere every six months.

Sarandos also clarified that all of these Marvel series will crossover for The Defenders after each has launched, but that some will have multiple series prior to that. Daredevil is already one example, with Season 2 planned for early 2016.

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