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Trailer for the most part looks alright but Tennant sounds especially chilling and awesome

I was a bit biased, with how I've fallen out of love with the Tenth Doctor(only a bit though) but in the promotional materials I just see the Purple Man. Just thinking of his lines gives me chills.

I really hope they looked at the Waid-Samnee Purple Man story. And that Kilgrave shows up in Daredevil sometime.

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There's a very quick moment in that trailer (just after the two-minute mark) that mirrors a scene from "Partners in Crime," and I don't know if that was Tennant's doing, the part of the person who edited the trailer, if it was intended by the director of the episode in which it appears, or if it's an odd coincidence, but it's brilliant.

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I've watched six episodes. The pilot was good, there are some great moments  and Ritter and Tennant are outstanding. But overall, I give it a 'meh'

I had to stop at six because if I had continued, I might well have stopped mid episode  7 and never come back.I still might leave it unfinished. 

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One episode into Jessica Jones. This thing is bleak. Ritter is outstanding.

I am not drunk enough to handle what I just saw, and I've had four beers and two shots of vodka. Jesus, that was — intense does not even begin to describe that.

The first time everything changed to purple, I got goosebumps. Then, 20-ish minutes later, when he licked her, I was all, like, "OH MY GOD~! WHAT IS THE DOCTOR DOING?!"

Best part? The chemistry between Jessica and Luke. That scene was perfectly acted. I mean, wow, them fucking was inevitable because I believed in those characters in that moment.

Also, ever single time Luke dropped a line, I said, "Luke fucking Cage!"

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