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Throughout high school I was desperate to start a band and name it The Tycho Monolith. When I tried to use that on Rock Band, the last two letters in "Tycho" and the first two in "Monolith" tripped the XBox Live Douchebag Sensor.

Are you serious? Good lord, Microsoft is dumb.

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Yes, but to be fair, XBox Live users are very, very committed to their inalienable, God-given right to call strangers "homos" who beat them at trivia.

I've always found that the best way to deal with these wastes of carbon-based matter is to play into their insults. If I'm playing Modern Warfare 3, and they call me a "fag" or whatever else, I simply send them text messages over Xbox Live that agree with them. For example:

"I love u. Your skill really turns me on. Srsly I want your dick so badly. Msg me back??"

I can tell you that that kind of shit gets in their heads infinitely more than just name-calling. :)

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One time in Halo: Reach, I ended up on the brink of death and having to run away from the same guy three times in a row. He messaged me afterward: "You tryin to win a marathon, fag?"

I responded: "Yup! Been training every day for a month; got my 4k run down to 25 mins!"

He replied: "GJ. Hard work paying off."

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That reminds me of the time my former boss showed examples of messages she got for gaming while Female. One was telling her to return to the street corner (she said it was one of the more milder ones since it did not come with male anatomy photos). Considering how popular her lecture is, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on Ted Talk and thousands end up pointing out the misogynist.

Something I like doing is taking an actor(actress)'s first name put "and the" and then make their last name plural.


John and the Barrowmen

Javier and the Bardems

Arnie and the Hammers

Alyson and the Hannigans

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