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Funny you should say that, Chris. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Archie's creative director and the guy writing the pilot, has done an interview. Some highlights include that the show is being thought of as Archie meets Twin Peaks, there will be some comedic tones to it, and that they're looking to do an "Afterlife with Archie" episode every year for Halloween.

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I saw the pilot at SDCC Wednesday during Preview Night. It is fucking hilarious. Every crass, out-of-place with Archie concept you could imagine for the this, it does. I live-tweeted my viewing experience, but off the top of my head the craziest things were

-Betty being a pill popper

-Veronica's line "I've tasted every kind of boy but orange" when referring to Archie

-Kevin Keller's character assassination in being an awful gay stereotype

-Reggie saying to Archie "Tap any Cougar ass this summer?"

-Ms. Grundy's statutory rape of Archie (I knew that going in)

-Veronica french-kissing Betty just to make the Cheerleading Squad

-Moose propositioning Kevin in the bathroom, and later agrees to do everything with him "except kissing, I'm not gay"

-Jughead being a bizarre omniscient narrator

-Jason Blossom being shot in the forehead

-Archie's dad Luke Perry having cheated on Archie's mom with Veronica's mom

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