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Who watches this.

This show is amazing, last I checked airing new eps fridays around 8 or so. This week they are instead showing a movie on Nickelodean.

It follows the "Chosen One" plotform. The avatar, who went missing 100 years ago, is found by to young'uns, adventure ensues.

the world is mainly divided into four groups, water earth fire air. they are divided into fmaller factions as well (the northern water, southern water tribe for example) but the four groups are the important split. Each nation has their own style of Mages, called Benders. The Avatar, which is reborn each generation in the next of the four nations, is supposed to create balance by mastering all of the four bending styles. But when the Fire Nation attacks the world, the avatar is not there.

The best part of the show is the choreography (if you can call it that). the fights are incredible, the use of powers is awesomely inventive, it's new and fresh everytime I watch it. If you wanna watch something based solely on the action, this is it. But the show isn't just action, there is comedy and plot development, both paced extremely well. Character development doesn't occur much, the characters are set very early in the show and have thus far pretty much remained exactly the same.

great show, check it out. talk about it here.

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So nearly three years later, after just finished watching the final episode. I bump this with a message.


Seriously, pick it up from the start, the first season is pretty fucking good, season 2 makes the show feel epic and season 3 (not counting a less than stellar first four episodes) is damn amazing, with the possible exception of a few chapters of the DCAU it is the greatest North American produced in, I want to say since I was born. The story, the characters, the comedy, the abso-fucking-lutely PHENOMENAL fights scenes were among some of the best television I've watched in the threee years it has been on. I cannot wait to go back hom eto my parents to show my little brother the last half of Season 3. Seriously, if you have not seen this show, or fell off early in Season 1, go back, buy/rent the DVD's or catch reruns on Nick or YTV, whatever. Watch it, it is that good.

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My girlfriend got me into this show when we first started dating and it's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. Though it was rather short-lived (3 seasons) it came full-circle and told a beautiful story.

Apparently though, M. Night Shamalamalaika is making a live-action adaptation of the show. I am dreading those two coming together. There will be a twist at the end that Appa has been the villain all along or some stupid shit like that.

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Major bump, I know, but thanks to Netflix and Avatar: The Last Podcast, I've decided to give this show a look from the start.

The Boy in the Iceberg

Pros: The animation really is top-notch, especially the use of the camera during the opening narration. I hope they keep that up throughout the series.

What little action we saw was quite impressive. It whets my appetite for larger battles.

Just when I was becoming a little bored towards the end, the cliffhanger really perked me up.

Cons: Yes, the show is aimed at kids, but there's a tad too much slapstick comedy for my liking.

It seems as though they're setting up a love story between Aang and Katara, but I couldn't care less. Preteens falling in love does nothing for me. And no, that's not because I'm nearly 33 years old; even as a child / teen I had no time for such things. I'm supposed to believe that two children will forever and ever be in love? And what happens when they do couple? Sorry, but I don't want to think about children kissing, making out, and / or having sex.

Characters: I know Aang is only 12 years old, but sometimes he comes off a lot younger than that. I'm not saying he should be all serious and "I'm the Avatar. I must mope around," but he's too easily distracted and it makes me think he's closer to five years old. That said, his nightmare / flashback does convey a haunted past, which makes me wonder if he's acting foolish because he's trying to outrun his past / destiny / whatever.

Katara is a little too goody-goody. She might get on my nerves sooner rather than later.

Right now, I'm indifferent to Sokka.

So far, Zuko has too much of the "I'm the impatient, ugly / scarred bad guy! RAGH!" thing going on. My understanding is that he's fleshed out later on, but, initially at least, he's very clichéd.

Nitpick: The coloring of the snow surrounding the village of the Water Tribe sometimes makes it look like sand.

Score: 3 / 5

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The great thing about the show is that it does start out very simple like you say, and then it sort of moves beyond the plot of the week stuff and snowballs, so basically every character issue you had there is addressed and they become far more three dimensional. This also has the side effect of making the occasional slapstick very welcome relief.

Stick with it, it'll really grow on you.

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The Avatar Returns

Pros: Sokka's warpaint and warrior's outfit is badass!

The snow melting off of Zuko was a nice touch.

Aang escaping the two guards was very inventive, and his moment of Waterbending was a pleasent surprise.

At the end, Zuko shows he isn't heartless. He'd rather have the lives of his men saved (RE: setting them free from ice) than digging out the ship and chasing Aang and company.

Cons: They're really struggling to balance the serious with the humorous. Such as, the child needing to pee after Aang has been banished, and Sokka whining when his watchtower was leveled by the oncoming Fire Nation ship.

Aang is once more too childish, especially at the end when he pulls out the map. Then again, is he acting childish to delay his destiny?

Characters: Sokka's quickly become my favorite character. He's fun and serious, and he's given some great lines.

Nitpick: As Aang prepares to leave the village, Katara and the child's footprints in the snow are side by side, not strides apart as they naturally would be.

Favorite lines: "You just love taking me out of my comfort zone, don't cha?"

"I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn't ask for all this flying and magic!"

Score: 4 / 5

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The Southern Air Temple

Pros: Zuko's fight with the general used some wonderful animation, and the effects on and surrounding the fire were nice touches. I also enjoy how the colors around the Fire Nation -- specifically when they're inside -- are somewhat muted due to the heat. Some serious thought was put into that.

Aang accidentally triggering his Avatar State, and thus alerting the world to his return, is going to spell big things to come. And like the fight noted above, the animation here was excellent.

Having the balls to actually deal with death -- especially by showing skeletons -- was impressive!

Cons: Aang acts mature and finally enters the temple... only to runaway after a lemur. He's seriously ADHD, this kid.

As I keep saying, there's little to no balance between the seriousness, fun / silliness, and action. Don't get me wrong, I think a story can have all three, but they need to mesh better.

Characters: I take it back; Sokka has devolved into the "I'm huuuuungry~!" whiny teenage character. And I hate those.

That said, Iroh stepped up big time. I like how he blends his peaceful side with is ass-kicking side. Hopefully there'll be more of this later on.

Score: 3 / 5

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The Warriors of Kyoshi

Pros: It's neat how Aang's costume design comes into play here. His shirt / skirt was designed to catch air, like a mini parachute. I like that a lot of thought went into that.

The last four or five minutes really made the episode, especially the lesson Aang learned.

Cons: The Warriors believe Aang is the Avatar after seeing him do one trick?

What was up with the guy foaming at the mouth?

Score: 3 / 5

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The King of Omashu

Pros: This is how you do comedy! Even the bad jokes were funny, what with the running cough gag.

The action was spectacular! The shot of Aang backflipping over the rock in bullet time not only looked cool, but it established how agile the character is, plus the fact that it wasn't exactly an easy feat to accomplish for the young Avatar.

It starts off as a pretty inconsequential episode, but ends with Aang learning a lesson and his mission. On top of that, he's acquainted himself with an old friend who I hope becomes a powerful ally down the road.

Cons: None. I could watch this one again and again.

Characters: Bumi is fucking awesome! I want an Iroh / Bumi spinoff show! :lol:

Favorite lines: "Can I fight the guy with the ax instead?"

"Did someone leave the windows open? It feels a little drafty in here. Are you hoping I'll catch a cold?"

"Who you calling old? Okay... I'm old."

Score: 5 / 5

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Pros: George Takei was funny and somewhat menacing.

The cliffhanger has potential.

Cons: Overall, it was kinda dull.

Score: 2 / 5

I hate to write so few notes about an episode, but there isn't a lot to say about it. By no means is the episode bad; it's just there.

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Winter Solstice, part one: The Spirit World

Pros: Iroh seeing Aang while he was in the spirit world was very interesting!

Following that, Iroh's attempted escape (while chained, no less) was great! As was the battle with the Earth Kingdom soldiers. I'm loving how they're showing that he really is a badass beneath his calm, joking persona.

Once more, they're showing Zuko has a heart. He knows Aang is nearby, but he'd rather save his uncle.

Cons: I found myself enjoying the subplot much more than the main one.

Favorite line: "Yeah. We're all gonna get eaten by a spirit monster."

Score: 3 / 5

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Winter Solstice, part two: Avatar Roku

Pros: Holy fucking shit! This is the best episode yet! The action, storytelling, plot progression, animation, music, character development, and deep sense of pain / responsibility / burden Aang now feels are all done perfectly!

The silent ending, with Aang being hugged by his friends as they fly away, was quite touching. And I'm glad it was without dialog. Adding any lines - even one - would have ruined the moment.

Cons: None.

Score: 5 / 5

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