2017 Holiday Swag Thread


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-Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado from Jim

-$250 from Dennis

-Thundersnow bath bomb

-So many Sharpie pens

-$25 PlayStation Network gift card 

-$20 Starbucks gift card 

-$30 Lush gift card

-$50 from Mom

-one of those granny type grocery carts for hauling groceries in!


-cute large squishable purple owl thing that will be serving as a pillow on the bus ride home


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Christmas Eve: 

The Original Star Wars Trilogy on Blu Ray

Hellboy Funko POP 

Johnny Cash socks. 

I could not even begin to list what the kids got. Massive hauls. Pokémon plushes, more PJ Mask and Paw Patrol stuff than I knew existed, so many sets of pajamas, some kind of aromatherapy owl. The list goes on. 

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- £200 from Granny 

- Cards Against Humanity

- 2x less rude quiz-based card games

- 2x Roman detective novels

- Seasons 2 & 3 of The Muppet Show

- Scented bath soap (Kelly is a part time sales rep for The Body Shop).

- Slipper socks 

- Seeds for the garden 

- Chocolate & beer

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- The Complete Lady Snowblood, Criterion Edition

- Repo Man, Criterion Edition

- $40 giftcard to GameStop 

- Station to Station

- "Heroes" (the Bowie album)

- The Quantum Enigma by Epica

- Pacifisticuffs 

- Wasting Light

- Deconstruction by Devin Townsend

- Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier 

- What The Hell Did I Just Read

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- $300

- $50 in Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards

- $25 Amazon gift card

- American Hustle Blu-ray

- Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates DVD

- Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth

- The Complete Persepolis 

- Spider-Man #1 t-shirt

- A couple dress shirts

- Jeans 

- A bottle of Jack Daniels 


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-Jim got me a Becky Cloonan tote bag and a Transistor poster that’s absolutely gorgeous 

-Jim’s mother got me a black leather tote bag, and in a stocking, some soap from France, chocolates from Amsterdam, and a lace sachet with lavender in it from Venice (she travels a LOT). His brother got me some mint chocolates.

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- Doctor who and the Daleks t-shirt

- Cassian Andor action figure

- Anime DVD's (Wolf Children, Summer Wars, In this corner of the World)

- Time with the family spent watching Moana

- An orange Balaclava

- The top half of a Salad Shooter set

- A microwavable lid

On ‎12‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 9:02 PM, Dan said:

What'dja get?

Could we talk about any successful things we gave? or any gift misadventures?

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I received (I'm certain I forgot something):

Books: Walk The Red Road-Misha, Hellboy In Hell Library Edition, and Vertigo-era The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen collection.
Money: Money.
Gift cards: Two at Amazon.
Games: Wolfenstein II.
Clothes: A Columbia skullcap, a pink shirt from J. Crew, a sweater.
Food: Nice chocolates, a handmade candy cane.
Time: With Hannah, with family.

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