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DC(or WB) doesn't know how to world build, or at least doesn't have the patience to. That is the main reason the Marvel movies flow so well. DC started out with established characters in their world that we, as an audience didn't have any connection to besides Superman. They threw Wonder Woman in a movie with zero context, and without explaining what her limits are. If you watch Batman V Superman it looks like she is stronger than Superman since she was holding her own against Doomsday. Batman has a whole history in the world that we don't know so we have to pull from other versions of the character to fill the gaps in our heads. 


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3 hours ago, dc20willsave said:

Dwayne Johnson is apparently still slated for the part though in a future film.

I'm hoping for a People's Elbow that crushes a mountain.

Probably doesn't fit Black Adam. Don't Care.

I like Black Adam better as an anti-hero, though, especially during his run with the JSA.

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On 3/5/2019 at 12:40 PM, Koete said:

Sivana having powers is dumb as hell. 

It's not totally unprecedented. They probably wanted to differentiate him from Luthor.

Shazam is fairly well known, but Sivana is not as much.

(I prefer the name Captain Marvel, but the copyright and trademark mess that dates back to Mar-Vell is what it is.)



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I had a ton of fun with this movie. It goes a little too long, but I think it's the most consistent movie, quality-wise, DC has put out in this current slate yet. Tonally, it mostly handles the shifts well, with little jarring bits here and there that I don't think quite work out but gets going again reasonably quick. I thought Wonder Woman and Aquaman were good indications for where the solo movies are going, but this might be my favorite so far.

I enjoyed just about every character in the movie, with the exception of Sivana. He's okay, Mark Strong does a really good job with him, but he's very underwritten despite having a few scenes all to him. But the rest of the cast more than makes up for it. They get some great humor, and angst, from the kids. I'm really interested to see where they go with them, especially since I hear they're potentially doing sequels sooner to keep them cast.

I find it interesting that for all the talk of this being a different movie to the rest, and it is, a lot of the same elements as the rest of the DCEU show up. Slowmo, (obviously) CGI creatures, use of flashbacks, a whole lot of angst, sudden (but ultimately bloodless) violence. Just an observation, not really saying anything about the previous ones because I did enjoy all of them to varying degrees.

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Enjoyed it well enough, especially when the filmmakers leaned into the sillier aspects of comic book superheroes. However, one thing is a major plot hole:

We learn Billy's mother abandoned him, which is rather obvious when she doesn't show up to retrieve him from the police. However, you're telling me the local news didn't run story after story after story about the abandoned boy named Billy Batson? His face would have been plastered everywhere. And what of his mother's friends? Did they not notice her kid was gone?

Had she used the opportunity to leave the city or state, problem solved. But she's right there in the same city. In a movie with wizards and sins come to life, this is the most unbelievable part. They needed another pass over that in the script. It's a literal "no movie" moment.

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