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After weeks of cryptic hints on Earth-2.net: The Show, the very first episode of World's Finest Podcast is finally here! Reviewed for your listening pleasure are five episodes of Batman: The Animated Series: "On Leather Wings," "Christmas with the Joker," "Nothing to Fear," "The Last Laugh" and "Pretty Poison." (The majority of World's Finest Podcast, episode 001 originally aired as Earth-2.net: The Show, episode 090.) [ 1:11:19 || 32.7 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_001.mp3

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You mean by repackaging Earth-2.net: The Show 90 as World's Finest Podcast 01? Yeah, that was a little shady, but rerecording the episode seemed silly when it was already done.

Starting with WFP 02, all content will be original. :angel:

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It's a shame they didn't carry that tradition (along with title cards) over to the later shows. It's just one of the things that made BTAS stand out from the rest of the pack, and I feel the DCAU lost a little something when they stopped adding episode-specific music.

Welcome to the boards, LTSmash!

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Here it is, the first episode of one of the best Podcast around. For a while I wanted to do my own Podcast as a fan commentary for each episode, well here are the two geniuses who beat me too it, and they are great.

On Leather Wings, the first episode, the first of 15 years worth of episodes which all start from here. Well I do like the connection between the fact that The Batman is still an unknown(which in Robin's Reckoning clearly shows he's been there for years already)and there is a human sized bat terrorizing the city. The show has always been able to get you right into the action in a split second and this one doesn't disappoint. The Danny Elfman score is a definate plus, along with the immense knowledge the Producers, animators and writers have on the comic mythos. Certainly a recommendation. 5 out of 10 points.

Christmas With THE JOKER, I love Joker episodes, anytime a Joker episode comes on TV, I have to sit and watch it. This is of course the first appearance of The Joker and a fun one at that. Of course there are flaws(like no Harley Quinn), but overall good episode. Mark Hamill takes the energy and funny hi-jinks he brought to the Trickster in the short lived Live Action series The Flash(which he did only 1 and a half years earlier)and puts it squarely on the villains who deserves it the most(Mark Hamill will reprise his role as The Trickster in the Justice League: Unlimited series). I did in fact love the Jingle Bells, Batman Smells....tune sung by The Joker. The animation could have been better too, but not too distracting. I give this a 5 out of 10.

Nothing to Fear, first episode featuring The Scarecrow. This episode has its flaws, but its still watchable. It always bothered me how much of a doll Scarecrow looked in his costume in this episode compared to the look he would have in the future episodes and even the darker revamped look(which I like the most). For me, there isn't much to say on this episode. The idea of a man who can bring your greatest fears to life, has always felt like a good reason to have Batman act differently(he's usually fearless). I'd have to give this 5 out of 10

The Last Laugh, You've Killed Captain Clown, one of my favorites lines. Another episode that I can just sit and relax and enjoy. The plot itself is kind of dumb. In the revamped series we see more of a desperate Joker who needs money and resorts to petty theft to get it. This is still before Harley Quinn. I love to hear your opinions on the Joker episodes, because as fans of the comics as well as the TV series you have the opinion of both sides. Where as I have little knowledge of the comics and a great vast knowledge of the TV series. So keep it up. The music is also great, its so corky, but at the same time energetic. I give this 6 out of 10

Pretty Poison, I always remeber this episode and always laugh when Two Face clearly wants to kill Posion Ivy in the episode "Almost Got 'Em" Now this isn't the first appearance of Harvey Dent, but it is the first episode where he's a central character in a way. Poison Ivy episodes are always weird to watch for me. This is a woman who really feels like she's in the right, while at the same time knowing she's doing wrong. I watched Batman & Robin and wanted so much to watch these episodes, so it is at least better than that(not that Uma Thurman is a bad actress. but the script made it a terrible performance). I can give this a 4 out of 10

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Personally I love both of these episode [Christmas with the joker and The Last Laugh]

Consider these are the first appearances of the joker and set a tone that had a very daunting task to begin with, A child friendly version of the joker that wasn't totally a joke [Pun intended] but wasn't so dark that the censors would need to step in.

The very idea that Joker would plot this big mystery just to put a pie in Bat-breathes pusser is sheerly Joker-esqe and shows that they had a great handle on the character and everything done in this episode wasn't that far off the comic version anyways.

maybe it could be the comic version that has spoiled the joker, making him dark at every moment has ruined a good quality of the joker..the sheer silliness of his plots and shcemes...The joker doesn't want chaos..he just wants a laugh. and these episodes succeed in that.

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maybe it could be the comic version that has spoiled the joker, making him dark at every moment has ruined a good quality of the joker..the sheer silliness of his plots and shcemes...

I find it funny that the source material could "spoil" the character. :laugh:

The joker doesn't want chaos..he just wants a laugh. and these episodes succeed in that.

That's partially true. The Joker wants a laugh due to chaos.

Another great drawing, by the way! :happy:

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Maybe I should give a bit more meaning to the saying..Spoil..

In days past we had many different versions of Joker and during his greatest times [to me mostly the Knightfall series to Thee events of the earhtquake]

Joker still had a lighter side about him. Sure he had crippled Barbara Gordon and killed a robin , But still he had shot gordon in vacation clothing and became an ambassador shortly after killing robin..This is the joker I love, Brutality and Obsurdity, Not just a cold clown who laughs at pain and choas. But has a punchline and or a gag or asburdity to his action...Like wearing a hawiian shirt while shooting Gordon.

I feel the series and these two episodes do this well. Mind you I will agree they do go back a bit into the 1960's joker but then again it's a better and more curious thus ingauging character. not just a creepy clown who smiles when he kills.

I feel we lostg the old joker asnd now are just dealing with a clown without much punchline...and that is considered thee joker!

thus making any other joker foolish...which I couldn't disgaree with more.

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I know this was posted more than a year and a half ago, but I just listened to it yesterday after watching the first 5 episodes beforehand. I love this podcast. You guys don't spend a lot of time summarizing, have an abundant amount of knowledge of the show and the comics, and have some great insights and analysis that makes me want to watch the episodes over again. Your chemistry I'm sure will grow or adapt with time, I assume.

As for the episodes themselves, like I said, I know it's been a LONG time since you looked over these episodes but I had a few responses to your insights, if I can remember them:

Not as big of a fan of Leather Wings as either of you were. It's a decent episode, but I didn't think it was as good as either of you thought it was. Christmas with the Joker was pretty terrible. You mentioned the police dept's trust of Batman being inorganic as it went from really untrusting to complete trust in Nothing to Fear, I think it has something to do with Batman actually rescuing the PD in Christmas with the Joker with their lives being on the line and seeing Batman in action, rather than glimpses or merely after the fact witnesses. I felt Nothing to Fear was awesome and easily the best of the bunch. The Last Laugh was fun but I think Yoda felt that Joker had no purpose, I'm not a DC comic guy but isn't the Joker a supporter of anarchy, that's kind of what i felt in the Last Laugh. Totally agree with you on Pretty Poison, the first half is damn good the second half is bad, the episode felt like it was two different ones at time with the first half being ultra realistic with the second half being really comic booky and fantasy.

I'll keep listening, is it alright if I keep bumping old threads, or is that not cool?

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