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I'm sure everybody's saying this, but I wish showrunners didn't leave with their Doctors. I would really like to see Whittaker with a different team. I just hope that what they leave off with is fresh and exciting.

S11 Thirteen was a very friendly, oftentimes funny tour guide. She had her distinctly quirky moments like her squeal when she saw the Kerblam Man, or when she reformatted Ryan's phone for her own uses, but they were few and far between.  She was enjoyable, but not distinctly exciting.  S12 swung a bit too far in the opposite direction, the Doctor using someone's skin color against them in a fight just feels wrong. And then she's just moody for the rest of the season, which isn't very fun to watch.

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I fell off during Season 11, came back for most of season 12, and although none of the episodes I saw were immediate favorites (Although I loved what I saw the season 12's Master), I really wish Jodie had one more season to really cement a stamp on the legacy aside from her gender. Chibnall's direction has been so unimpactful compared to RTD and Moffat's, which isn't wholly fair and can be owed to various things. I always felt cramming the TARDIS with 3 people was too much, especially with a new Doctor. I feel with two main leads, there's more time to have them develop and show more dimension, but not when you're walking this tightrope of developing four characters at once. Even with Matt Smith and his TARDIS, he had a few eps in season 5 where it was just him and Amy.17

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