Batman R.I.P. - SPOILERS


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Thanks for letting me know Koete.

Hoprfully, when i go to the comic shop tomorrow they will have it in stock.

I ordered the detective issue online so hopefully that will come tomorrow.

Is the issue of detective any good?

Also, I'm just going to go to DC right now and see what else I'm going to get.

I'll be getting final crisis number 6 or at least flipping through it as i want to see how the whole R.I.P thing ends.

Ok, so it looks like I'm picking up Batman and part two of Kevin Smith's Batman mini.

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Right, just to add to the confusion of this story.

The new issue of batman is out with part two of Denny O'Neils batman story, but part one in detective isn't.

Thank god I found it online and it should be delivered in a few days.

Sadly i can't read part two until it comes as it makes no bloody sense right now.

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I have my harcover deluxe edition in front of me, the last two issues of flashback things should be in Final Crisis, not R.I.P. They don't show how Bruce survives, Simon Hurt can die in hell, I hate the Joker's design, I hated the villains the Black Glove hired, they screwed the fans of the original Zur en arrh fans, why did Damien, Talia, and the League of Assassins only at the Manor and not helping Gordon, Tim, and Dick until it was too late. I liked parts of it, but Grant Morrison, as great as he is, should really be institutionalized today. The whole thing is pointless, the only thing good to come out of it is the Red Robin series, I liked the new Batman and Robin until Red Hood got involved. It sucks that Dick had less than a year until they bring Bruce back. In the end, Dick will go back to Nightwing and Damien will be Robin at Bruce's side like he always wanted. Dick got equally screwed over after Knightfall. So all that R.I.P. accomplished was replacing MY Robin, Tim Drake, with the character we love to hate, Damien. As much as I love Tim's storyline right now, what was the point? All in all, I out of a 5, I give R.I.P. ( one second, :sick: + :madgo: - :D x :huh: + :mad: = :baby: ? )I give it a 2 out of 5

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I agree with Koete. RIP may not have been the best Batman story ever but it's also far from the worst. What I loved about Morrison's run on Batman was that it paid homage to the past and expanded on it. The introduction of the Black Casebook allowed the silly stories of the 50's and 60's that were awesome in their own right to enter modern continuity without looking completely out of place. If any of it does look silly at any point, then one just needs to look back at the beginning of the run and remember that Ninja Man-Bats sounded silly when you first heard about it. Then you saw them and it lost it's humor.

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To each is own. I also don't think it is the worst Batman story ever told, that would be...


I didn't hate all off R.I.P., I think it just was the villains that ruined it for me. Perhaps if it was more like Hush, with all the main rouges,instead of a bunch of nobodies taking down batman.

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