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Guest birdleson

I cannot remmeber if you people said that you are going to cover Gotham Girls or not. If so (and I think that you should) how will that be formatted? All in one review or sparsed out? And what of that fricken' Lobo cartoon? And, know that I'm getting worked up, how are you going to do the Zeta/Batman Beyond crossover in the correct order if you don't start Zeta before you finish Batman Betond? I need to know these things.

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I asked Mike the same question a while ago man, and I'm posting his response and a link to the thread mate.


- Batman Beyond (plus Return of the Joker)

- Gotham Girls and Lobo (webtoons; this will take one, maybe two episodes)

- The Zeta Project

- Static Shock

- Justice League

- Teen Titans (plus Trouble in Tokyo)

- Justice League Unlimited

Thread he mentioned it in

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FWIW, I don't know if just because WFonline has a site about it, if it means it fits into continutiy. Seems like World's Finest Online is dedicated to the DC Animation projects since the debut of Batman: The Animated Series as they have pages for:


Batman (BTAS)

Batman (TNBA)


Batman Beyond

The Zeta Project

Static Shock

Justice League

Justice League Unlimited

Teen Titans

The Batman

Gotham Girls


Legion of Superheroes

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

as well as the movies DC has put out on DVD in recent years:

DC Universe

Superman: Doomsday

Justice League: New Frontier

Batman: Gotham Knight

Wonder Woman

I'm surprised Krypto doesn't have a page!

Okay, so after the DCAU is finally wrapped up, what is next?

Trying to get through all the SuperFriends shows through the years?


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Guest DCAUFan1051

welcome to the forums Steve

as far as WFOnline they are dedicated to all things DC Animated as far as I know. I originally thought it was just the DCAU but with addition of B: The Brave & The Bold and The Batman cartoon they are all about DC Comics animation I guess.

I wish they would release a Lobo DVD kinda like Gotham Girls was included on the Birds Of Prey DVD.

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The animation on the Lobo web-i-sodes are similar to his DCAU appearance and he is voiced by the same actor. The episodes aren't that great, but I do believe its in continuity, but no references were made to the other shows. So if Mike and James were to not review it it wouldn't be missed.

Teen Titans on the other hand are not in continuity(maybe if you want to called it Earth-2, like in the comics)


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