Episode 66


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As Static Shock comes to a close, Rubberband Man must overcome his dyslexia if he's to save Dakota ("Where the Rubber Meets the Road"), a professional football player is blackmailed by a former friend ("Linked"), a scientist tests a cure for Bang Babies ("Wet and Wild"), Mr. Hawkins learns his son's secret ("Kidnapped"), and a handful of metahumans fight to turn themselves back into supermen after the Bang Baby cure is spread across the city ("Power Outage"). [ 1:48:50 || 49.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_066.mp3

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Favorite part of the show was James calling Static and Gear "Virgie and Richle"

Glad you guys agreed that Power Outage was a solid ending to the series. I've always really liked it myself, and feel a small sense of meloncholy everytime they fistbump and fly away while the Static insignia flashes at the screen for the final time.

Originally, the series was supposed to end in a two parter with Static confronting the person who shot his mother, and Robert was going to learn his identity in the last episode. It was apparently written by McDuffie himself, but was scrapped in favor of a more upbeat ending. I wish I had more info, but its really sketchy.

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Oy, James.

Good thing for you I'm not a big sports fan. Out here, it's all high school sports and UH. If I cared about sports, and heard you calling They Who Don't Deserve To Be Named to Rainbow Warriors, I might have to stand up for the 'Bows honor. Of course, I don't care, but did you know you were putting them on the University of Hawaii team?

As to Mike's wish that they run into Bats, the first thing that ran through my head was Terry's self-description from "Return of the Joker". Those two are exactly the kind of punks he wouldn't have wasted a second punch on, back in the day (Always loved that line).

While I agree it would have been nice if they brought it up sooner, I liked the fact that Richie using his rocket skates requires his intelligence - I never understood how people like Iron Man could really keep up with everything they needed to do to fight in high-tech gear.


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