Happy New Year!


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You know you're getting old when the most exciting thing about your New Years is the cheeseburger sub you just order for delivery.

Holy fuck, I'm old too!

Happy new year, probably make a new years resolution never to get as financially fucked as I did last year. But I'm starting the year out better than I did this year, with no financial problems over my head and I do actually have an emergency fund ready to bail me out.

Also, make a resolution to write some fiction, as I haven't written any in over a year and a half, and I really want to write again. Even if it's just for my own enjoyment.

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It's days like January 1st that I'm glad I don't drink. It's slow as hell at work tonight and several customers have come in noticeably in pain from hangover headaches.

Me? I went to a Japanese hibachi steakhouse. The employees sang to me, took my picture with my friends, and gave me a $10 gift certificate and a glass figurine because it was my birthday. That was interesting. But I'm a sucker for the funny Japanese chefs cooking the food in front of you on the grill. After that, I played a few hours of Rock Band, watched Inglourious Basterds, and played Modern Warfare 2. Low-key night. Just how I like it.

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My friends really know how to ring in The New Year.

So I was over at the house of some friends, celebrating The New Year with people who I have know since I was a grade schooler. At Midnight after the customary toasts, kisses, and singing of Auld Lang Syne, we went outside to shoot off fireworks (which by the way are illegal to shoot off in the city limits of the Municipality of Anchorage). Things go very well, until about halfway through the show when there is a very bright light on the ground. We all look and see about 50 mortars alight in the rubbermaid tub they were stored in. Apparently one of my friends held up his road flare to see what to shoot off next and a spark fell into the tub.

I am happy to report that no one was hurt and it marked the first stupid thing this particular friend has done for 2010. But it was an utterly amazing explosion once we all made it to a safe distance and will be talked of much in the coming year and beyond.

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My Resolutions for the year

-Drop below 200 pounds (In Oct. 2008 I was 220, I ballooned up to 271 by May 2009, I was at 230 at the start of the holidays and all the food/desserts of the season have added five more on to me. So 35 pounds this year).

-Nail down and ace the Ai-Kon interviews for Animezing Podcast. Considering who has been thrown around for guests there is potential for some great people to be on the show.

-Take an awesome vacation after I graduate college. Randy, Steph and I have been thinking about doing Power Morphicon in LA this coming August. If that don't work I'll catch a bus out somewhere and hit up a larger anime con or something (assuming Greyhound doesn't suspend service.)

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Guest DCAUFan1051

that's not til 2015 Doug... Happy New Year all.

Wow... I cant believe I did that. The BTTF series has some of my all time favorite films.

Could be you were thinking about the 25th Anniversary which is this year.

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