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So, this one may take some explaining. In the Hulk Hogan/Parallax fight, what happened was that Hulk Hogan, the participant of that match, managed to steal Hal Jordan's rings; as Parallax's weakness is the evil color yellow. As this new Hulk Hogan/Parallax supreme being of ultimate power, Hulk Hogan rewrote time to make HIMSELF Batman, thus creating Halk Batgan.

The Vaders, fused by a toaster, also took quite a beating at the hands of the Donnas. Luckilt, Darth had a trick up his sleeve, called the ultimate rape combo. He pinned Donna, Sunny, and the Bodydonnas down with his force powers, and he and Big Van used his force-rape skills to dominate them in a rather brutal sense.

However, such physical intrusion caused all of the beings involved to FUSE into one ultimate many armed and legged being. Thus, the DonVaders were created.

In such a battle, there can only be one winner, and you are deciding that winner. I should also note that while these creatures merged, all of their strengths combined, and none of their weakenesses. I feel it's safe to say these are the two most powerful beings ever conceived.

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