What kind of car do you drive?


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Some people think the kind of car you drive reflects on your personality. I call bullshit and say a car is just what gets me where I need to go. Plus, I didn't have a choice in my case as it was given to me by my parents.

Now: Buick Regal

Fist car: Hyundai Excel

What I wish I drove: The Camero from Better off Dead

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So you bought a mini-minivan (microvan?) to escape driving an actual minivan?

I like the 5 a lot though, and if you were crazy enough, you could do what Car and Driver did and swap in the Speed3 powertrain.

Now: 09 Mazda 3i

First Car: 95 Mercury Mystique (or for our international readers, a Ford Mondeo)

In-Between: 97 Ford Ranger

Apparently I'm a Ford guy.

Wish car? KTM XBow. All black and raw carbon. I think I'd need a permanent residence near Deals Gap to go along with it though.

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Now: Honda Bali '94 50cc moped

First: Citroen AX 95

Next: Vespa LX 50 2T Rosso Dragon

Unless I win the lottery I have no desire to get another car until I finish out Uni. If my current transpo conks out I can afford to upgrade a little to something slightly flashy like the vespa.

My first car reflected my personality in that I bought it entirely as reliable transport rather than for any kind of flash. I liked it so much that when it died of concentrated rust poisoning I decided to scrap it and get another AX. After that I was using company vehicles for five years.

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Now: 2000 Buick Regal SE - I liked it so much, I bought the same exact car after a deer made me crash the last one.

First: 1992 Ford Explorer - Still runs good but the 4WD went out so I upgraded.

Want: 1968 Mustang Fastback - Technically, I already owned this. However, it was for me and my dad to fix up to be my 1st car when I was 16. He had to sell it when I was 15. One of these days I want to find one and fix it up with my dad.

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