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Same rules apply like all those other trivia threads.

Wait for confirmation of the correct answer before posting a new question. If the question's answer involves revealing a spoiler, please say so when you ask a question. It's only polite.

First question: In episode 13 of Hellsing, Alucard's past identity is revealed in less than two seconds without saying anything. Who was he?


Alucard was human once. We find out who he really is/was on the last episode when Alucard kills Incognito. They don't specifically say, but when they split his face for those brief two seconds, you can tell who he was.

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*************SPOILER ALERT**************

Okay, the answer is Vlad the Impaler. If I can find a screenshot, I will post it here. It is SO fucking sweet.

Here's a slightly easier question:

Sailor Pluto from the Sailormoon series watches over, and can manipulate, what vastly important part of life?

Bonus: What happens to her if she uses this manipulation power in any way?

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I'm about to go to bed (hopefully), so I'll go ahead and post the next question.

The answer I was looking for in the previous question is Shinta. It's mentioned in the OVA's and I was sure it was mentioned in the series at some point.

So anyway, we'll stick with the Kenshin theme:

Which Rurouni Kenshin character was actually a historic figure? To clarify, which character's name, personality, physical description, and fighting style match that of an actual person.

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The answer to the previous question is Hajime Saitoh. Nearly everything about the character (except for his involvement in the fictional events of the series of course), are designed to be exactly like the historic Saitoh. The smoking habit might be fiction, though its never recorded whether or not he was a smoker.

Fun Fact: Nearly every major Kenshin character who seems to wield some influence is based off of a historical figure. Only Saitoh's matches up perfectly however.

Anyway, since nobody seems to be able to answer my questions (and I'm on a Kenshin kick so this probably won't change), somebody else can step up.

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