Sega Mega Drive/Genesis vs Nintendo Entertainment System



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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis


Initial release date: October 29, 1988

Initial price: $190

Lifespan: 1988-1997

Units sold: 29 million

Number of games released: Over 900

Notable games:

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Streets of Rage series

Gunstar Heroes

Phantasy Star series

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Comix Zone



Other notes:

- Sega's most successful console.

- Alleged to do what Nintendon't.

- "Blast Processing".

- Loved add-ons.


Nintendo Entertainment System


Initial release date: July 15, 1983

Initial price: $199

Lifespan: 1983-1994

Units sold: 61.91 million

Number of games released: Over 800

Notable games:

Super Mario Bros series


Legend of Zelda series


Castlevania series




Mega Man series

Ninja Gaiden series

Other notes:

- First to have directional control pad.

- First game with battery backup (Legend of Zelda).

- Credited with reviving the video game industry in the 80s.

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Voted Genesis just because like the 360 it doesn't deserve to be crushed, and it was a far more popular console than the NES when I was a kid, at least among my friends. The games library is better for me.

Besides, if I want going to base my vote on 'You wouldn't have x without z, so z is better' I'd be voting for pong.

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