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Batman will have double the number of moves as his disposal this time.

So he'll have two moves now? Punch and alternative punch? Ahh just kidding.

What I loved about Arkham Asylum was the predator aspect of hunting down and incapacitating the Joker's goons throughout the game. But anytime there was a brawl where you have no choice but to fight in a crowd, I feel it was just a button mash of square square square triangle square batarang square <played on ps3> There was no way you could knowingly activate a specific combo that would cause Batman to perform a certain fight move. If anyone has played The Lord of the Rings movie games for The Two Towers and The Return of the King, you know what I'm referring to when I say that's the kind of combo system I would like for Batman when he's in those brawls.

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I also fondly remember the Lord of the Rings games. Legolas was my favorite, I think, though I switched over to Aragorn eventually. Damn, now I need to go grab that from Gamestop today.

Here's the thing about that with Batman, though:

You don't need more than one punch button because the real test is in the way you direct Batman through the area towards different enemies, and how you use the different gadgets and special moves. Sure, you don't control the intricate movements of Batman's fists, but you've got batarangs, a grapple, the cape-stun move, a dodge (which practically becomes a weapon against the titan henchmen), a throw, and an instant takedown move.

If you get pretty far into the endless combat mission (it's part of a free DLC pack on PS3), you see pretty quickly that it doesn't matter what combos you're doing; all that controlling them would do is get in the way. The real test is being able to bounce back and forth between a half-dozen enemies in the same combo. It's about timing.

Mastering the analog stick is a lot better than memorizing combos, IMO.

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