Episode 412


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I noticed that while recording, and then later editing. It's uncanny. You two need to co-host a show, if only to confuse the fuck outta people! :D

Gah! Get out of my head. Good first appearance Preston. I guess you need to sing a new theme song now though since obviously you can't say that "Des and Mike won't review 2, only number 1." That is unless your dedication is so great that you'll become Desmond Preston Nelson.

I had some of the same problems with Action Comics but Lex was being enough of a magnificent bastard for me to forgive them.

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Guest TFG1Mike

The Call Was in Season 3 of Batman Beyond. The way I see the in continuity Batman Beyond-Justice League Unlimited episodes is this:

BB- Return Of The Joker (Terry's not in JLU)

The Call 2 parter (Terry Gets Invited to JLU)

The Once and Future Thing Part 2- Time Warped (Terry is Leading JLU)

Epilogue (Terry is grown up maybe 30 years old and at the end going to see Superman to deal with some sort of JLU busniess)

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