Episode 82


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Cyborg infiltrates the HIVE Academy, and nearly loses himself ("Deception"). Red X reappears, but it's not Robin ("X"). Starfire finds herself engaged, but her friends uncover the truth behind her wedding ("Betrothed"). Beast Boy accidentally infects Cyborg with a virus, and the Titans enlist Gizmo to save the day ("Crash"). Slade visits Robin, but is he flesh and bone or something else entirely ("Haunted")? And Raven falls in love, but quickly learns he's not what he seems ("Spellbound"). [ 1:24:21 || 38.6 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_082.mp3

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Like I said before, Haunted is my all time favorite and I do really think the best one of the series personally. Both the Terra two parter and the "The End" three parters I felt seriously copped out where the comic book excelled at by being a little contrived, good as they were in their own rights. This episode does not hold back and you guys are right, Robin REALLY WAS gonna die. Totally agree about Scott Menville's excellent acting and Slade being at his most vicious ever.

This episode rawked, and I only wish you guys spent more time discussing it! Still, wholeheartedly agree. :buttrock:

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I do have to ask though, what can a time-travelling DIck do?

Cleopatra for starters.

As long as it isn't the Cleopatra in Dante's Inferno.


why? which circle of Hell is she in?

Uh...Lust. Where else would she be?

silly me

if Red X could have been just Larry screwing with Robin, could the Slade illusion in "Haunted" be something similar done by Larry to test his hero?

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I always assumed that he was just an anonymous guy who found the suit. That made the story a lot more poignant, since it literally meant that Robin's decision to create and use the suit ended up creating a new (admittedly minor) villain.

Also, without knowing the identity of the man behind the suit, it makes the suit itself into a character; it makes Robin's sins incarnate.

I think this is something that works better as a mystery than it would if we knew the answer.

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It's an interesting idea. Especially since we don't know when Jason Todd is with Batman in the DCAU.

He... doesn't exist?

Unless Jason Todd showed up while Dick was still Robin....

Seriously. This is why TT being in the DCAU makes no sense. You have to bend over backwards in a thousand different ways just to make things sort of work.

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