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Wonder Woman is heading back to the screen but instead of flying to movie theatres, the Amazon princess is returning to television.

Warner Bros. Television is developing a modern-day reboot of the classic DC comic book heroine and is lassoing an unlikely talent to potentially write and produce the superhero project: David E. Kelley, the showrunner behind legal dramas such as “Ally McBeal,” "Boston Legal" and "The Practice."

The development comes after nearly a decade of attempts by Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver to launch a big-screen version. Actresses ranging from Angelina Jolie to Beyonce Knowles to Megan Fox have thrown their hat in the ring for the starring role at one time or another.


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Not necessarily. That's the phrase people used for Ultimate Spider-Man, and that was (at least initially) still very close to the heart of the original story. Really, they mostly just remixed Spider-Man's surroundings to match the 2000s instead of the 1960s.

I wouldn't panic about that just yet.

But I still don't think this is a good idea.

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The three listed were considered for the film at one time or another. People need some glasses up in this thread. ;)

I'm wearing mine right now, thank you, but fair enough. That still doesn't make me any more optomistic about it. After all, Smallville is a televised reboot, and I hate what they've done with that.

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Remember the big news that writer-producer David E. Kelley was being brought in to launch a new Wonder Woman TV series? Well, it's not exactly a done deal yet.

Although it was previously reported that Kelley was going to be involved in bringing the DC Comics heroine back to the small screen, he told Zap2it that while he's been developing ideas for the series, he's not officially doing it yet.

He explained, "There's no real deal in place yet, but yeah, my intent is to take a stab at it. I've been working on it between scripts for [his new series] Harry's Law. It's a very, very different genre for me, a very tricky beast. I won't know whether I've cracked it or not until I've finished it, but it's going."

The successful creator of shows like Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal also said that any talk about who will play the Amazonian princess is just speculation: "At the beginning, there was a little bit of that, but we quickly made it known that was premature. I haven't necessarily committed to doing it yet. I'm at the point where I'm trying to figure out if I can make the franchise work for me."

Kelley admitted that if he doesn't feel good about the project, "I don't want to delude Warner Bros. or anybody else that I should be doing it. The way I've always worked has been to write a script and discover, in the process of the writing, if it's a fertile and creative place where I want to live. If I feel I can make the characters my own and it's a world rich enough for me to revisit, that's a good sign to me that it's a series worth doing."

The other challenge facing Kelley is time: with Harry's Law set to premiere on NBC on January 17th, he might have a hard time actually figuring out if he and Wonder Woman make a good match. "The only way I'm truly going to discover if (Wonder Woman) is right for me, and I'm right for it, is to roll my sleeves up and close the door and do some work," he said. "And that's a challenge, because it's kind of a busy time."


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Define "needs" - you can tell a more prolonged story over the course of a TV story arc, that wouldn't have to skimp on specific areas of backstory, nor follow the fomula of your standard CBM (ie/ ending the film with her smooching with Steve Trevor).

Plus, if a studio has less confidence in the property as a film than a TV series, the project won't linger over the studio and haunt them if it fails, as in the case of Superman Returns, Jonah Hex and any other DC failures.

I'm not saying that I don't want a movie, I'm just saying that outright blasting the notion of a TV show over a film without giving any reasons why doesn't exactly lend weight to your argument.

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Well, since you asked so nicely...


#1: The whole Wonder Woman mythos (including Themyscira, the Gods, etc) is a little epic for a TV budget.

#2: The ability to tell stories over an arc wouldn't really help much, as there's little in the WW mythos that would require something like that. Movie-level cinematography and budget would be far more beneficial.

#3: There's no way we can have an in-your-face superhero show on TV right now. If they got Diana on-screen, they'd have to sacrifice a lot of the character & story from the comics in order to fit the series. No way they're putting Diana in the briefs & bustier on TV anymore. On the other hand, it could work well for a two-hour movie. That level of heightened reality would fit rather nicely into a film.

#4: There's never been a Wonder Woman movie; that's always been a rather big problem for the character. If this TV series goes through, we'll likely get a bastardized version of the character and story, with no chance of a movie that actually has the ability to tell the story correctly.

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Well, they could also have decided that the Green Lantern ring should've been a government weapon instead of an alien police dealie-thing. But that would've been worse.

And, I mean, I actually like the current JMS WW story. I think it's really cool. But not as a way to introduce the character to a whole new audience.

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