Jason Voorhees vs Pennywise



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Jason Voorhees


Debut: Friday the 13th (1980)

Main weapon: Machete

Other names: Jason, The Unstoppable Force, The Terror of Crystal Lake

Likes: His mother, head tilts

Dislikes: Sex, drugs, psychics




Debut: It (1986)

Main weapon: Mind games

Other names: Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Likes: Balloons

Dislikes: Children

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I refuse to let Jason lose to Tim fucking Curry. I don't care how big of a spider he can turn into.

Jason's unstoppable. Pennywise got beat by Dave from Dave's World.

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I'm with Dubs.

There's a lot of great stuff about Pennywise: excellent look, has the creepy clown look going, inspired the name of a great band.

But ultimately, snce this is the movie version we're talking, his big plan was to turn into a giant spider and be killed by weak middle-agers.

Jason is a murder machine.

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Pennywise scared me as a kid, Whereas Jason was just a supernatural who killed for the sake of killing, and his movies never interested me, like NOELS series.

Now, now. Noel's House Party had its moments.

I agree that Pennywise has a good look to him, but ultimately, Jason is the archetype of innovative killer zombies.

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