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When Marvel's solicitations hit later this week (?), we'll see three more issues of Fear Itself scheduled for releases: 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. They look like aftermath issues, basically. But why they don't call them Fear Itself: The Aftermath, why they use the wonky numbering, I don't know.

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I find it interesting that Jubilee appears to be on the Cyclops side of the Schism considering you'd think all of Wolvies surragate daughters would side with him.

Then again, considering that in the most recent issue of Schism, I think we got the breaking point which is the latest of his girls basically murdering a bunch of Hellfire soldiers under Cyclops's watch, wouldn't suprise me if Jubilee just decided, considering she became a vamp, that Wolverine just breaks his kids.

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So, they went from Ultimate Spider-Man, to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, then back to Ultimate Spider-Man and now again back to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man.

The art looks not bad, I'm going to wait for others to say whether the book is worth a look or not, as I just can't care about anything that happens in Ultimate Marvel anymore.

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Written by Jason Aaron

Penciled by Goran Sudzuka

Cover by JAE LEE

In the wake of last issue's gut-wrenching ending, Logan has turned his back on humanity and retreated once again to the Canadian wilderness. Is this the end of Wolverine as we know him? Or the beginning of an all-new era for the ole' Canucklehead? Or perhaps even both.

If you didn't know or weren't reading, in Wolverine #14:

The Red Right Hand, the group that had been torturing Wolverine, sending him to hell and forcing him to fight and kill a string of new, specially altered enemies, killed themselves just as he reached them. The group - all completely demented, often evil, survivors of Wolverine's many victims - left him a message that they had never expected to kill him. They only meant to draw things out so they could reveal one thing to him, without Wolverine being able to get his revenge: the five or six new enemies he had just slaughtered were all children that he had unknowingly left behind during his long life.

So now Wolverine gets naked and goes off into the wilderness to live with wolves? Again? Seriously, again?! Isn't anyone editing the Wolverine books? They even say in the preview "once again" for fuck's sake!!

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