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Favorite / Best: Christopher Nolan film  

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His best is Memento, taking what he learned about filmmaking from Following and refining it with a Hollywood budget. The editing in it is fascinating, not just in how the scenes are arranged to create the narrative, but how Nolan inserts shots that are only on screen for a fraction of a second into the scenes.

The Prestige is my favorite, though. I love the escalation of the rivalry between Borden and Angier, and how their reasons to compete shift as the film progresses.

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Still haven't seen Inception, but I voted Memento for both. I love everything about The Prestige except Christian Bale's accent. It's so thick it's prohibitive!

If not for the masterful editing of Memento, it would definitely be difficult to pick between the two. TDK is a close third for me.

1. Memento

2. The Prestige

3. The Dark Knight

4. Following

5. Batman Begins

6. Insomnia

7. The Dark Knight Rises (the more I think about this movie, the more and more awful it is. I'd probably rate it a 2/5 if I reviewed it now.)

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Inception on both. Inception is actually in my top 10. It works on so many levels for me, primarily because of how it works as both a metaphor for the film watching experience and as a movie I just enjoyed. I also love it's use of practical effects.

As for ranking:

1) Inception

2) The Prestige

3) The Dark Knight

4) Memento

5) Batman Begins

6) Following

7) Insomnia

8) The Dark Knight Rises

Also, is it wrong of me to be annoyed with the naming of The Prestige considering all of his non-Batman films are single word titles? It doesn't affect my opinion of the film but just... yeah, my own weird thing.

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I like TDKR just based on fantastic performances of it's cast. I think it was made very much in the same vein as the Star Wars prequels. In both cases you had a filmmaker pretty much obligated to create a conclusion to their franchise despite wanting to move on to different projects. Nevertheless, both Nolan and Lucas tried to create the best conclusions to their franchises without the passion and incentive they had for the earlier films. I think Nolan was just kind of empty after the death of Heath Ledger, and wasn't really to excited to continue the franchise.

TDKR is still a decent film due to how good of a filmaker Nolan is. In contrast, Lucas without passion equaled out to about nothing. Nolan had a bit more self respect (and respect for his fans) than to just scribble out something resembling a script and film some guys fighting in front of a green screen. That's my take on it anyway.

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I might agree that Rises is his weakest film, but it's funny to me how lately online people seem to take that sentiment and extrapolate it to say it's a flat out bad film. To which...I don't see how that can be said.

Batman Begins, The Prestige and the Dark Knight are three of my favorite movies of all time. The Prestige in particular is such an awesome, kickass movie that delivers on the premise of Batman and Wolverine as dueling magicians.

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