Famous People You Know, Have Met, or Seen In Person

You Know Who

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At Rallies/Politics-Related Ceremonies

-Bill Clinton (shortly before the Lewinsky scandal)

-Nancy Pelosi

-John Lewis

-Barack Obama


-Jon Stewart

-Kevin Kline

-Ethan Hawke

-Chris Sarandon

Gave talk at University

-Maurice Sendak

-The Dalai Lama

-Christopher Hitchens

-Howard Dean

-Paul Rusesabagina

-Danny Glover

-David Simon (creator of The Wire)

-Martin O'Malley (then-mayor of Baltimore, current governor of Maryland, basis for Tommy Carcetti on The Wire)

-John Bolton

-Tucker Carlson

-John Yoo

-Bill Nye the Science Guy

-Chuck Hagel

-Fareed Zakaria


-John Astin- he was the professor for a film/theatre class I took senior year and he is AWESOME.

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Met and known - mostly pro wrestlers. I'd go as far as to say I considered Joey Matthews and Alexis Laree friends for a short period of time.

I've had conversations with Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, and the Iron Shiek.

I once elbowed Bruce Willis in the stomach accidently.

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Waited to see

Scott McCloud

Dr. Zahi Hawass

Neil Gaiman

Someone I crossed paths with in the parking lot and am positive it was him.

John Green DFTBA

I also have a coworker who made a cameo in The Dark Knight as well as Man of Steel.

does that count for anything?

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Barack Obama


Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games)

Met / Talked to Briefly

John Badham (Director of WarGames and Saturday Night Fever)

John Green / Hank Green (John Green wrote a novel that takes place at my school, albiet many years before I ever attended)

Michael McCullers (Directer of Baby Mama and writer of the Austin Powers movies)

Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers bass guitarist)

Not to many, but okay considering I've only been alive for 16 years. Most of the people I've met have are alumni of my school who have come to speak and I've been able to meet them one way or another.

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-Hulk Hogan (sat on his lap on a plane when I was 3)

-Both iterations of Slayer (drank with and hung out with)

-Ian McKellan (shook his hand at a theatre in line to see Reign of Fire [shut up!] either shortly after he was announced to be Magneto or during filming of the first X-Men)

-Watched them film the Nightcrawler in a church sequence of X-Men 2. Saw all the principles. It was filmed at the church literally next door to my friend's apartment.

-Andrew Koenig (Chekov's son and Boner from Growing Pains bought me a drink once)

-I yelled out "Arnie!" to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was filming Sixth Day at my University.

-Liev Schriever. Just saw him walking down the street.

I served the following people at the restaurants I've worked at:

-Dana Murzyn (he was a Canuck, and a shitty tipper)

-Stephen Baldwin (yup)

-Barry Pepper (even joked about Battlefield Earth with him!)

-Bif Naked and Saukrates (though you probably have to be Canadian to know who they are.)

-Eric Clapton (I talked to him, niceties and stuff. But my bandmate's sister, who i worked with, stole his water bottle)

And we all know about Nickelback...

I think I'm missing some others too. This, of course, doesn't include hundreds of concerts I've seen or a couple of the more prestigious interviews I've done.

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On the wrestling front I've men dozens but the ones that stand out are Mick Foley, CM Punk (I got the death stare) and Samoa Joe (shook hands with him after his last ROH match). Oh, and Kobashi was super nice, and Bison Smith and Muhmammad Yone were brilliantly funny.

Real famous people? I met the cast of Casualty whilst I was doing a 10 week acting course on the set. That's also when I met Andy Peters (this was back in the Live and Kicking days). Tony Hart came to my school as well.

Eliza Dushku at C2E2 (still haven't washed my hand, despite doctors advice). Jerry Lawler at the same event.

At shows or lectures I've seen Louis CK, Stewart Lee, Alan Moore (gave a short talk on religion), Robin Ince, Germaine Greer, Ben Goldacre, and half a dozen others.

I saw Pete Postletwaite perform Macbeth. I also saw Stephen Tompkinson in Spamalot.

When I did stage work I guess the most famous band I rigged for was The Divine Comedy.

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Outside of conventions, just Dave Chapelle at Starbucks one time (he lives in a suburb of Dayton so everyone in my area has a Dave Chapelle story) and Steve Englehart at a book signing I worked. He was pretty nice but, then, I was selling copies of his book so money in his pocket.

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Oh...does anybody know who Tal Bachman is?

The "She's So High" guy?


He's Randy Bachman's (BTO/"Takin' Care of Business") son. He lived a few houses down from me growing up and I even jammed with him a couple times. I wasn't sure if anyone beyond Canadians who watched Much Music a lot in 1999 knew who he was.

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