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November movie?  

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We have our schedule for the remainder the year planned out except for November. Here is the tentative layout for each month:

July: Revenge of the Fallen

August: Dark of the Moon

September: Torque

October: Zardoz

November: ???

December: Santa's Slay

There will also be a mini-episode sometime after the Transformers are finished. But, we're leaving it up to you guys to decide what we cover in November.

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Changed Santa with Muscles to Santa's Slay
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I went for Wicked Prayer because watching it incited me to drink myself silly instead - I don't even remember Dennis Hopper being in that film.

A Talking Cat(?!) looks worthy, although there can only be so many "Cheeky Shennanigans"-based films in the Tiradesverse and I'd rather James & Dubs had regular breathers from the REALLY bad films out there, rather than squander 3 in a row.

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I also want to point out that the runner ups will probably be tackled in descending order, so if you see something on the list above, it means we've essentially already committed to doing it at some point.

Well, maybe not Gigli.

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At least two ATC?! voters need to do the same, except vote for Wicked Praer. I know for a fact I'll disown Pandy if he doesn't follow said advice, which is particularly risky this close to his wedding day with me, nominally, being Best Man....

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