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Also, Mike is right. It is by no means out of bounds for Alfred to have a gun.

Out of curiosity, has that been the case since the "Public Enemies" storyline or does that precede the Superman/Batman line?

Well, given that it was in two separate continuities (the Burton film and BTAS), both of which precede Public Enemies, I would think so. Then again, I don't know if that was the case in the comics themselves.

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I saw it, thought it was fascinating if rather mediocre. Some interesting points:

-It's very, very bizarre and dark (some bits feel like the Mad Hatter mini-mission in Arkham City), yet it's held back in some ways. Apparently due to the Aurora shooting, all the guns were replaced with bright colorful toy-looking guns that seem to fire taser rounds or lasers, yet the dialogue clearly indicates that they're supposed to be actual firearms. Considering some of the other dark elements in the story, this makes no sense whatsoever.

-BTB is definitely the most "different" from any other Batman series. Some of it echoes Batman: Earth One, but goes even further in that direction.

-Alfred is in his fifties, somewhat of a brawler, and is very critical of Bruce. He pretty much steals the first episode.

-Batman is capable but overconfident and makes mistakes.

-There's no Robins or Batgirls yet, but Katana is introduced.

-There are no recognizable villains.

I wouldn't say I enjoyed the first episode to any great degree, but it was certainly interesting, and there's potential for it to do well in the future. At the very least it's so different that it's entirely avoiding the "been there, done that" problem that plagues reboots.

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The second episode was a lot better. It seems like this show is following the same route as The Batman TV show, where the further it goes, the better it will be.

Just keep away from pointless villains like Pyg who just show up for no real reason, other than to look strange, and have some background characters to stop Gotham looking so empty.

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I know she's from the comics but it really looked like thr writers saw that Onion joke about Gaga as a Batman villain and decided to run with it from last week's episode

One thing you just reminded me is, did they ever explain how she was able to not feel pain and come back from falling off a building and breaking bones? There's a difference between not feeling pain, and recovering from a broken back. You know, unless you're Batman.

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This is dead. Kurtwood Smith indicated on the AV Club the other day that no one has spoken to anyone about Season Two, and per Newsarama it wasn't on the 2014-15 schedule.

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