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  1. Series 7.2 teaser This is what happens when you give the Eleventh Doctor a motorcycle.
  2. And here's what I've watched and listened to lately: The Mind Robber-Loved it. Troughton can get a bit annoying at times with the worrying but other than that, it was great all around. And of course, you can't talk about this story without mentioning that cliffhanger. Terror of the Autons-Also really good. All Hail Delgado. My favorite bit was "What's wrong with being childish? I like being childish." Storm Warning(8)-This was all right. I liked Charley. It lost me somewhere, though. I need to relisten to it. The Maltese Penguin(6)-Hysterical. Unregenerate!(7)-Meh. Didn't even bother f
  3. Not sure if it's been posted elsewhere but Big Finish has 6 audio dramas for free on Soundcloud.
  4. Hmm, what do you guys think for the December shirt? 12th Doctor? TARDIS? A group shot?
  5. I do have an issue with McCoy, and it's how he does anger, made apparent in Battlefield. Don't get me wrong, I love that story but "THERE! WILL! BE! NO! BATTLE! HEEEEEEEERE" just makes me cringe.
  6. That reminds me, I don't think I ever mentioned this on the boards; I have been watching some Classic Who and listening to Big Finish, thanks to that Internet Fairy that we all love. I've seen all the Doctors in some capacity. First-First part of Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Aztecs, The Keys of Marinus Second-Tomb of the Cybermen Fourth-Robot,Genesis of the Daleks,Horror of Fang Rock Sixth-Revelation of the Daleks Seventh-Delta, Happiness Patrol, Fenric Eighth-The Movie On DVD, I have Pyramids, The Five Doctors, Remembrance, and Battlefield. The two Big Finishes I've listened to are Brot
  7. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but I was looking up William Russell on Wiki, and it turns out he was in Superman: The Movie, as one of the Kryptonians! Totally explains his badassery. I need to write some fanfic.
  8. Also includes the 30 Years in the TARDIS documentary. So getting that.
  9. I think the opening credits and theme are the best they've been in the modern series, with the series four iteration in second. I had a smile on my face the entire time.
  10. This. I hope that by the next trailer there's more Superman-y action, kinda like how the TDKR trailers progressed.
  11. Davedevil

    DC reboot

    She said on Tumblr that she's not leaving.
  12. Susan, huh? That sounds interesting...Thanks! Any dramas with either Ace or multiple Doctors that you'd recommend?
  13. I feel like listening to a Big Finish audio drama. 7th or 8th Doctors, preferably.
  14. What do we know that they're doing for the 50th anniversary as of now? There's the comic with all the Doctors but have they officially revealed anything else?
  15. For my birthday I asked for Season Five(New Who) Pyramids of Mars, The Five Doctors and Remembrance of the Daleks.
  16. I just spent the last hour reading through this thread. I think I've laughed enough for the whole rest of the year.
  17. Ehh....I hate the Cybermen and absolutely love Gaiman and his writing. Can't really complain, though.
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    DC reboot

    Keith Giffen and Tom Raney are doing a new book starring the cosmic characters. It's gonna be DC's answer to Annihilation. But then, Blue Beetle's getting cancelled. DAMN IT.
  19. I thought it was good. Nothing really stood out,(other than Matt Smith being freaking amazing) but I enjoyed it. The ending was a little bit cheesy, though and the narration was awful.
  20. I really enjoyed it. I loved Rory's dad, I think we should see a least five more adventures with him(get to it expanded universe writers!) Fandom is going fucking crazy right now, to the point where Steven Moffat actually deactivated his Twitter account. I don't know what the hell is going on.
  21. I really like Asylum of the Daleks. My only quibble with it is