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  1. So, to the people who have seen the film, a few questions: Is the film worth seeing in the cinema, or would it be just as good waiting to rent buy the DVD/Blu-Ray release? What were all the after credit scenes?
  2. 6 has the Nightmare on Elm Street take, and 3-D Homer, with the great line; "Has anyone seen Tron?" "No."
  3. But think of the children! What about little Arnold R. Marvel-Reverse Hitler. I mean, the insults write themselves.
  4. In an update, the first issue of the BTB tie-in comic has just went on sale this past wednesday.
  5. Those last few episodes of Hannibal, are so intense.
  6. Beware the Batman has supposedly been pulled from schedules until further notice.
  7. I hate when I realise something, and know that I will likely have to encounter a real bastard of an issue very, very soon. It's even worse, when adding up the facts, and sorting the half truths from fiction, and just outright lies, will still leave me making, in the long term, the wrong choice.
  8. Bobby Roode's induction into the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization is the best thing TNA has done in years.
  9. Did you feel like the final battle was something from Resident Evil? Cause that was my takeaway from the film.
  10. Yeah, the barriers at Central, are pretty shit, you basically have a one in five chance of them not working for you.
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    Happy birthday, Dubs! For you, I am going to try and be positive about something for 24 hours. I lasted as long as I could.
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    It's wrong that I've lived in this country all my life, and never have actually been there
  13. So, I watched the Triple H documentary the other day. The first half with him discussing his wCw debut, and going to WWE, the clique, everything up until his main event run is fantastic. But once it reaches him and Stephanie the thing just sort of becomes a love fest for how Triple H can never do any wrong, and is a great guy, great wrestler, actor, great producer and the perfect person to run WWE.
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  15. The last two seasons were awful, and the poor supporting cast never got to finish their stories. It all felt so rushed at the end. I would say everything from season 5 was mediocre at best. The show really peaked with the Trinity Killer storyline.
  16. I don't want Breaking Bad to end. This weeks episode was so good. In contrast, the final episode of Dexter was pretty damn awful. It's a shame how far that show fell.
  17. So, supposedly, because the main event of Night of Champions was ruled null in void, fans have complained to their cable providers for refunds. The worst part is, said cable companies are actually given the people refunds. To me, it doesn't matter how bad the event was, if you were able to watch it in full, without any issues, then you are not entitled to a refund.And I thought NOC was actually a pretty good show.
  18. He didn't decide this. He was forced to. Yeah, I posted that before I found out more background information, like how he was blamed for the awesome 2K Games panel, and Ric Flair going off on one every chance he could.