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  1. I have a pair of cheapy earphones that have lasted me past two apple earphones.
  2. I've dropped off of Castle, it isn't holding my interest anymore.
  3. I'm still enjoying the premise of this show, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Whether due to the editing, direction, or writing this can get hard to follow. The show jumps all over the place, I can't get a sense of the passage of time at all. I also want to see more practical effects. I can understand needing CGI to do some stunts with the cape, but do we really the CGI smoke-poof? (Who thinks this would make a cool Assassin's Creed/Spider-Man 2 style game?)
  4. Watching Max Fleischer Superman, all is right with the world.
  5. I want to know why that place is still considered a church.
  6. Yeah, the costume pretty much looks like what kills that theory. On my recent SPvstW viewing I saw that Brandon Routh looks even more muscular than he did in Superman Returns. Thus increasing his ability to be Superman even further.
  7. He's going to stick it in Captain America's suit! That fiend!
  8. I've fully comprehended the stats system in Scott Pilgrim and now I'm having a much more fun and easy time of it. (I can get past the third level now, for instance. )
  9. Dang Suave, I thought you were a (poor?) college student!
  10. I have no opinion, I'll be going into the movie as a member of the "dumb audience".
  11. I'm around half-way through Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. So far it is rather neat, though the rather random topless scenes (very reminiscent of Starship Troops IMO) are a bit off putting for me. That was actually why I had to stop it for the time being, my sister was walking in and out of the main TV room and I didn't feel comfortable letting her see that.
  12. Sorry, I meant a reverse-Suave as in "This game is ." "Oh, you're critical of everything... oh wait, this is actually ." Anyways, I'm on my fourth playthrough(ish) of Mass Effect 2, this time going for a 100% completion in prep for ME3.
  13. ShaunKL


    I quoted John Wayne today. I feel manly.
  14. Today I remembered why potholders were invented.
  15. Stick his head in the tub first? (to fit the mask on)
  16. That cover for The Dominators look really cool. I finished The New Eighth Doctor Adventures season 2 last night. Coolest cliffhanger ever.
  17. I got my drawer-boxes in last night, I have space again!
  18. Georgia Moffett should be scared right now, very scared. The fangirl army shall approach, and on David Tennant's wedding day there shall be a ground-shaking "I object!" heard round the world.
  19. Do they still have that funny conversation between Mattie and the horse salesman?
  20. So it sounds like it's not as free to choose who you are or what you can do. I have a bad feeling about this game.