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  1. I'd try watching this, but I don't think I could pay attention for my joyful crying at how camptastic it is.
  2. Are you guys talking about a released image of him as Peter Parker, or just his hair in general?
  3. There's also Call of Juarez, which is an interesting shooter, only played the demo. Wasn't quite my cup of tea, maybe I was just getting used to a small television again.
  4. Terror of the Zygons may be my new favorite Tom Baker story. I need to watch The Armageddon Factor again to be certain.
  5. Under the Red Hood is on Netflix insta-view.
  6. Seconded. At least the image is widescreened so I don't have to lose half the picture. (I shake my fist at you CW! )
  7. Well, it was a moon... though not technically a moon... I think he dropped them off on the planet he talked about in Death of the Doctor and they got on the space liner from there.
  8. It's revolting how people treat Blockbuster employees.
  9. Here's an idea, the Doctor Who TVM is being released February 8th. How bout we plan for February 12th, which would be closest Saturday.
  10. Star Trek: ENTERPRISE - Kobayashi Maru (a novel) Grandparent money: $100. $10 iTunes gift card. A long shirt, rather nice. Didn't get the X-Men TP, there was some miscommunication. However, I was talking to my grandma about needing to buy an external hard drive. My dad overheard and told me he hadn't returned the 2TB HD that he bought when we thought my computer had to be wiped. He let me have it.
  11. As far as I know all I'm getting is Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection vol. 1.
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    Things you want

    That would be so amazing.
  13. I think I'd prefer her as Lois Lane, but Wonder Woman would work too.
  14. If you've never seen True Grit, you must.