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If you remember the Flash trailer from last year, it's probably best to watch only the first minute and a half.

I like it though. I still dunno what they're gonna do with Superman but whatever. Not like Superman shows up too often in Supergirl's title, as far as I know.

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There's something about Chris' current Ben Wayne avatar situated next to smiling Supergirl that really makes me laugh.

This looks terrific. It has a very Flash-esque tone to it, and doesn't seem to cop out doing thecomics stuff either. Who else liked the nod tot he 80s Crisis costume?

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The one thing that is looking legitimately terrible is the flying effects. Like, something out of a Channel Awesome video or something. Lois and Clark had better effects 20 years ago.

Is this the first superhero show CBS has had since Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk?

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Ha! Yeah, it's all kinds of not very good, but the sheer determination it has to be SO FUCKING GOOFY makes it fun to watch occasionally.

It's basically "What if Friends was written by Giffen and DeMatteis?"

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The pilot leaked online. :buttrock:

Edit: I really liked it. All the stuff everyone is complaining about is the first 10 minutes of the show. It's more like Flash than anything else. It's fun and has none of Arrow's moodiness.

My only worry is that they can't keep talking about Superman(never calling him by that name of course) and never have him on the show. Also, Hank Henshaw is in it


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I was kind of lukewarm on it. Benoist is great as Kara and the "super" aspect of it is really well-realized (seriously, best TV superhero VFX ever), but there was definitely something missing. It's easiest to compare this Supergirl pilot with the Flash pilot, but where the Flash really worked, I think Supergirl kind of fell on its face. It's the personal/family angle of it all. There's no true equivalent of the Barry/Joe relationship, or even a decent Iris. Hell, Smallville's pilot established multiple different relationships that worked; pretty much none work in Supergirl. There's four different familial characters in Supergirl, two of whom don't talk, one who has only one or two lines, and a fourth who's practically an antagonist and not very enjoyable to watch anyway. Even Kara's "friends" at her workplace are more weird than friendly.

It is a pilot, of course, and it's pretty crammed with plot, but still. That human element is why The Flash works, it's why Lois & Clark worked, and it's why Smallville worked for a few years at the beginning. Supergirl needs that too.

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