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An odd thing I forgot about until I started looking for stuff for my yearly Christmas marathon: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July which is a feature length Rankin and Bass film that's a crossover between the two title characters. Mickey Rooney who was Santa in The Year Without a Santa Claus also voices the character here.

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Just so everyone is aware, I cannot move forward with the 12 Days of Two months ago Shana and I bought a new condo, and we're moving in over the course of the next week. (Big stuff today, smaller stuff throughout the week, settled by next Sunday.) Due to this and a busier-than-normal work schedule, I cannot properly prep 12 daily episodes and put together episode 1000 over the next month. It's not feasible, I'm sad to say.

We've long hand a celebratory December, so I apologize if not having one for 2017 upsets anyone.

That said: our 25 December episode will be seasonal. The content is still being sorted out, but I know Will has plans. As do I.

So how does this change the schedule leading up to episode 1000? While it does put the big show off a bit, it also provides even more time to record segments for said episode. Thus, the new schedule is:

The Road to 1000

  • Tuesday 05 December - 987: Previews
  • Saturday 09 December - 988: [ open slot ]
  • Tuesday 12 December - 989: Two hours of Superman / Batman radio goodness
  • Monday 25 December - 990: Holiday time!
  • Tuesday 02 January - 991: [ secret ]
  • Tuesday 09 January - 992: [ secret ]
  • Tuesday 16 January - 993: [ secret ]
  • Saturday 20 January - 994: [ secret ]
  • Tuesday 23 January - 995: [ secret ]
  • Saturday 27 January - 996: [ secret ]
  • Tuesday 30 January - 997: [ secret ]
  • Saturday 03 February - 998: [ secret ]
  • Saturday 10 February - 999 [ secret ]
  • Thursday 22 February - 1000: Team-Ups!

Gaps have been built into the schedule so as to allow for rescheduling without changing the overall lead-up to episode 1000.

Nothing about this changes the topic of episode 1000. All this does is delay it for two months, but, truly, this is the best move for The Show and all involved.

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Glad to see that everything works out for everyone. :yes:

Here's a question: The longest century episode I remember ran for nine hours, which was great. But what would be the limit for episode 1000? Some segments may go 60-90 minutes, some may go three hours. Is there a cap on how many segments and their time limit?

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