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The only Tat I would go with is a small Alias Rambaldi symbol on my hand in the event I win the lottery and never need to interview again (hand tats are a no-no in many jobs). I did once want a Captain Marvel gold star with black edging on top and red underneath. Maybe someday.

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The only Tat I would go with is a small Alias Rambaldi symbol on my hand in the event I win the lottery and never need to interview again (hand tats are a no-no in many jobs).

I once contemplated getting a Triforce on the top of my hand, but never went through with it for the reason you stated.

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2nd Session - About a month or so ago, black undertones added. 3 Hours


3rd Session - 2 days ago,Color starting to be added... 3 Hours


The hair looks bluish in that but I assure you it's a dark green thats used for shading before the brighter one is added.

Total time in chair so fair - 9 straight hours. :)

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Yea...I think once it's done I'll really be in love with it but you truly can't judge it. I HATED the look of it after the black only session.After last session I really see where it's going but Megan (my tattooist) continually suprises me with her talent so I think it will take the final session for even me to have an opinion on it. Takes a lot of trust in an artist to do that.

Thanks for all the feedback again. I plan on getting more time in the chair sometime around my birthday (Sept 25th). My girlfriends birthday this month kind of put a kink in my usual tattoo budget.

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Ok, while I'm not a big fan of comics, I have started getting into it and have grown a sense of respect for the Batman comics in particular. So I will give you reasons for each of the Joker's I mention as to why I enjoy them.

The earliest interpretation I have had the pleasure of discovering is off of Detective Comics #45: The Case of the Laughing Death, this Joker is very dark and maniacal. With no Comics Code yet, the writers and artist certainly gave this version of the character a dark demeter. Laughing almost none of the times and very dangerous.

The second interpretation is from the 1960's Batman TV Series with Caeser Romero playing the first live action Joker. While the character was very true to what the comics were doing at the time(from what I've read)Romero made the character his own, a character in which anyone like me who didn't read comics will get a real jolt when Jack Nicholson re-invents how the Joker should be portrayed.

The third is off of the the two episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Movies(The Dynamic Scooby Affair, The Caped Crusader Caper) voiced by Larry Storch. The episode featured also had him partnered up with The Penguin, so his character was played like a foil against his own partner(who was shown as the smarter and more sinister of the two), once again this was The Joker of the time. I do enjoy these episodes, seeing that I'm both a Batman and Scooby-Doo fan(from my childhood).

Now the fourth interpretation I've come to know was from the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman portrayed by Jack Nicholson. Nicholson here does such a superb job, that I often find myself at odds when choosing whose better Nicholson or Hamill(soon it may have a third candidate in Heath Ledger). He very maniacal, which is The Joker I read from DC#45 and he's got a sick sense of humor. For years I was one of those kids who fed into Tim Burton's backstory on Joker being involved with the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, which I am glad I have finally found out the truth.

The fifth interpretation is of course off the DCAU Joker voiced brilliantly by Mark Hamill, Hamill had recently portrayed a similar character in the short lived live action series The Flash as The Trickster(who he played twice and voiced in an episode of the JLU)and is of course best known as Luke Skywalker, but for me he will always be the definative animated Joker. He took what made Nicholson's Joker work and twisted it in his own persona and it was incredible. Always giving great one liners and was responsible for one of the best sidekick henchman's ever Harley Quinn.

The sixth interpretation was from the pilot episode of the short lived Birds of Prey TV series. We only see a shadow and a quich glimpse of this Joker, but was played by Roger Stoneburner and voiced by Mark Hamill. Although, he only appears in the very beginning of the pilot, it served as a strong vehicle to keep watching as Harley Quinn was seen doing everything in her power to bring Gothan back to the way it was and bring Mr J back in town, sadly this never happened as the network only allowed 13 episodes.

The 7th interpretation is off the still running series The Batman voiced by Michael Richardson. Now while I haven't been keeping up on the series(I will start, promise). This Joker is different from any other, but that's a good thing. He is incredibly at times very creepy.

The 8th interpretation is off of the Batman comic(not sure the #)called Secrets. In this comic, Gotham City now has video cameras everywhere, The Joker is released from Arkham and when he kills his psychiatrist(who wrongly gave him a bill of sanity health)him and Batman begin to fight, a couple catches the fight on tape and it appears to them that Batman is the killer and instigator. So now Batman needs to clear his name. Each character in this book has a Secret they don't want revealed. This Joker appears to be very insane, possibly he's The Joker from The Killing Joke, a novel I have to read.

The Dark Knight will be out in June of 2008, with Heath Ledger portraying The Joker, The Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns and The Long Halloween were the books he was given to read and from the trailers I've, my God. I will most likely have a new front runner as the best Joker, he is no laughing matter, a very sick indivisual who you can't reason with and can't make sense out of.

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