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I'm on week two of my Doctor Who diet, and I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would, actually. I'm definitely more energetic than I've been in a while, but I'm getting these freak hunger spells out of nowhere. I'm usually not too bothered when I keep myself busy, but I feel like I'm being tortured when I take a break or just have a moment of boredom.

Fruit and water are my friends.

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For the third time in two years, my computer needs massive repairs. Does anyone know where I can get a (relatively) cheap, dependable CPU? Also, I'm pissed, as Skype was my one link to my little lady in Paris.


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What are you looking for, in terms of cost, and what do you need it to do? I'll talk to my tech friend, he'll probably be able to help out.

Also, people continue to be made of fucking fail.

However, being drunk during it all helps. Up until you're at the point where you're trying to get people to the bathroom so that they can throw up, and making sure that everyone gets from one location to another okay.


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Honestly, no frills. I want it to be able to let me fuck around online, write in a word processor and play my music/DVDs. I want it to be able to run AIM and Skype.

If it could run Spore or whatever, that'd be a nice touch, but I don't much care for PC gaming.

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I have so little work to do.

Seriously. It’s weird to have to ask for new jobs constantly while at work, and it’s even weirder to get nothing back. Just a few months ago I was all “economic climate ain’t effecting me, hurr hurr” and now everything has slowed down to a standstill. I doubt the company will be firing anybody any time soon, but I’m not exactly ecstatic about this.

Maybe I’ll do some writing or something.

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I just found out that my aunt passed away. She was recuperating at a nursing home after a severe auto accident and her heart gave out.

Every summer as a kid, no matter where I was living, I'd go and spend a week with her, my other aunt, and my grandparents. It was always the highlight of my summer, as I got to enjoy a relatively normal family life and experience unconditional love from someone other than my mother. I also got to indulge in my favorite foods, watch all the TV I could (even when I was grounded from it at home), and get some really cool swag. You know, all the stuff that's important to a kid. I remember the cook outs with them and the rest of the family, the drives to Louisville for the meeting/drop-off for her and my parents, the drives to Manteno singing along with the Beach Boys (because it was the only tape in the car). I remember the Chicago Zoo. I remember her in the backseat of a police car because of the Chicago Zoo (nothing serious, I just blew chunks at the Dolphin show and the officer didn't want us walking all the way back to the parking lot). I remember being so disappointed that night when we didn't go to Chuck E. Cheeses because of the aforementioned blowing of chunks.

I remember Galaxy Bowling and Arcade, where I'd run around spending $20 worth of quarters ($10 of which inevitably went to Wrestlefest) and she'd sit down and get high score on Mrs. Pac-Man. I remember going to her wedding and meeting my future uncle, while they in turn met my new step-dad. I remember them coming up to Waukegan after my high-school graduation and going to the Star Trek-themed restaurant nearby. I remember always leaving a drawing for them to put up on the fridge after I was gone before I left. I remember going up one more time in 2001, and having to spend an extra day because Houston got hit by a tropical depression and was under water.

I remember a conversation about prayer that we had. She said something that stuck with me, even if I didn't practice it. "If you don't talk to God on a regular basis, when you finally need to ask Him for something, He's going to say, 'Who the heck are you?' I'm not sure if I believe in God, but I know if there is one, He's gonna have a lot of time for Aunt Diane. I miss her and love her and will always remember.

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