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Like a dummy, Superman lets two criminal Kryptonians out of the Phantom Zone ("Blasts from the Past"). He then has to stop a giant creature from feeding on all of the world's energy ("The Prometheon"). And then three DCAU mainstays are introduced: Livewire, The Flash and Bizarro ("Livewire," "Speed Demons" and "Identity Crisis," respectively). [ 2:11:08 || 60.0 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_024.mp3

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Hello guys, great start in Bizarro talk, lol I think many of those who like the S: TAS would have known what you were saying after thinking about it for a minute.

I sadly haven't had the money to buy a Wii :( I have been wanting one and a Nintendo DS, but money it tight, so I haven't experienced the Wii Remote. Super Mario Galaxy and future Sonic games are my big reasons to get Wii.

PS3 is already beating XBOX, one reason is the games on PS3 are much better and the other reason is XBOX supports the HD DVD format(which is losing in the Format War)and PS3 supports Blu-Ray.

I loved Episode 199 of Earth-2.net The Show, that helped push me to watch the film on the site I watched it on. I was in awe at the JL: The New Frontier film.

I WOULD LOVE a commentary on the episode "World's Finest" I would watch and listen to every commentary you do on this episode, definately.

I agree that Kevin Conroy is THE best actor who has voiced Batman, but I do have great admiration for Jeremy Sisto's performance in JL: The New Frontier, he's excellent.

* Blast From the Past Parts 1 and 2....why didn't they just call them Ursa and General Zod? Still an okay episode, it's a classic way of how the wrong person having Superman's powers can be a problem. It also points out how much of a "Boy Scout" he is, since he releases her because she did her time. The voice acting in the episode is decent, aside from the regular voice actors, we get some okay new voice acting. Ron Perlman played the voice of Clayface in B: TAS. I would have to give this an overall score of 4 out of 10.

:no:* Prometheon, awful episode. Everytime I watch this episode I feel like I'm wasting 20 minutes of my life. I don't even want to continue on this review, so 1 out of 10.

:yes: Livewire, one of my favorite episodes of the DCAU. Lori Petty's voice is very addicting to hear through Livewire's mouth. Perfect voice acting. I really wish there would have been more episodes featuring this character in the JL and JLU. Very colorful character. The voice acting, animation and pace are just right in this episode. This would be an awesome villain to be featured in a live action movie, if they can pull it off right. Remember Superman III had a villain in a sense that had electric powers, but that's it. I give this episode 6 out of 10.

* Speed Demons, well this wasn't a bad episode at all, this was fairly good episode. This gives us an opportunity to see Superman team up with another DC Superhero, while at the same time fighting one of his villains. I do believe this may have been Bruce Timm's attempt to create another series, as well as just expand the Universe. The Flash is one of my favorite characters and loved the TV Series in 1990. The animation is done well, we get the Wally West Flash, so we get some laughs(but no too many) and Miguel Ferrer as The Weather Wizard(he played The Weatherman in the Justice League of America Live Action pilot) is definately the best part of the episode. Grant it Michael Rosenbaum is the best man to play the voice of The Flash(as well as a Young Lex Luthor), but this voice actor is decent enough. I'd have to give it 6 out of 10.

:yes: Identity Crisis, I enjoyed this episode. The introduction to Bizarro could have been better, but this was a great episode. Tim Daly manages to play two characters in one episode well. We see the character of Bizarro in a very sympathetic way. He isn't a villain really, he believes he's the real Superman and you feel bad at the end. Having Mercy naming him Bizarro is funny, considering she was insulting him. The future Bizarro episodes continue to develop the character well. 7 out of 10.

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Pre-Episode Banter

Bizarro talk! Gah…

Oh yeah!!!! Super Smash Bros Brawl!!!! Got it on opening day and it’s easily the best game ever made. Single player mode is a lot better in Brawl, and online play means that even if you don’t have anyone with you, you can play with people online.

I’m playing with the Wii-mote too, because I also don’t have a Gamecube controller, but to be honest I think that the Wii-mote is better now that I’ve gotten so used to it.

Yeah, I really want to hear your review for ‘The New Frontier’. I’ve already gotten and seen the movie and I thought it was pretty good.

I’m glad you guys are really pumped for ‘World’s Finest’. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


Yeah, I really hope that it really is ‘The Brave and the Bold’ that’s coming up. That could lead to so many cool possibilities.

I keep forgetting that I constantly e-mail you guys about the Teen Titans thing.

Know I want y’all to review ‘Teen Titans’ regardless of continuity or not. Don’t think that just because I don’t think that it’s in continuity doesn’t mean I don’t want it reviewed.

Ha, Bruce Timm on the toonzone message boards once referred to Superman’s plastic suit in ‘Double Dose’ a giant condom.


Blasts From the Past- I don’t like this one. It’s really just a lot of fighting and predictable plot twists and it’s just pretty bland the whole way through. I do like that it introduces the Phantom Zone projector and all that, but still, that doesn’t save the lame writing. I also can’t stand that they get brought back later in the series.

Ha, you’re just tearing this one apart. Awesome.

Weren’t Jax-Ur and Mala incredibly minor characters in the comics?

Oh yeah, forgot about the Wonder Woman blunder. That makes me really mad.

The Prometheon- Okay, now I know that a lot of people hate this one, but I think it’s awesome. It’s just a nice simple giant monster battle with incredible TMS animation and is overall just a whole lot of fun. It also establishes General Hardcastle’s role in S:TAS, which as we all know plays a huge part in JLU.

I love your General Hardcastle voice.

I don’t really care to know what happened to it. I definitely prefer that open-ended silent ending than having to wonder about the never-ending implications of the things existence and what would happen to it.

I know just what you’re talking about Mike; that was such an awesome facial expression. Good point about Superman being a solar battery also.

Livewire- I don’t like this one to be honest. Actually, I’ll say it’s average. It’s just there, like you said about ‘The Prometheon’. I like the animation in the first act and I like the basic character concept in the beginning, but the rest of the episode is just tedious fight scenes.

I’m pretty much agreeing with y’all’s assessment of the episode so far.

Speed Demons- This episode is awesome, just completely awesome. It’s a classic Silver Age comic book adaptation, with a nice simplistic story. Flash is awesome and stays really consistent into JL. The animation is great, and the Flash/Superman dynamic is really nicely handled. It’s always been a childhood favorite of mine.

I can’t believe you guys don’t like it. I figured you’d enjoy just for it’s cool factor, kind of like ‘World’s Finest’. You know, overlooking the plot holes simply because it’s Superman and the FLASH!!! Seeing as how you guys are older I guess you don’t know how giddy this episode made me as a kid. Having only seen an animated Flash on Superfriends, I was just ecstatic to see him make a guest appearance in S:TAS, and simply for that childhood moment I’ll always cherish this one as an S:TAS classic.

I think the cornball super-villainy was cool here. Come on, it’s the Weather Wizard! I love it.

And as bad as Flash’s jokes were here, he was about a million times as bad in JL.

And thank you Mike for bringing up the Silver Age aspect. That’s exactly why I like this one and I think it was done very well.

Yeah, ‘Legends’ still tops both this episode and ‘The New Frontier’.

Are you kidding? The animation was excellent. It was animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the highest budget Japanese studio of the time! It animated every single mind-blowing B:TAS episode (‘Feat of Clay’ pt 2, ‘Read My Lips’, ‘The Demon’s Quest’), not to mention ‘Return of the Joker’. There was nothing wrong with the animation in this one. The speed looked convincing, unlike the lame repetitive blur effect they used in JL, the way the gust and the rubble moves and the way Superman’s cape blows, it’s great stuff. The electricity was also really dazzling and vibrant. There’s a lot more energy in this episode than in Koko/DY episodes, which are dull and stick to the most bland design restrictions. My only possible complaint would be the mini tornado thing that Flash makes when fixing up the ocean liner, but that’s it. Seriously, what was wrong with it?

Identity Crisis- I really enjoy this one. The animation is serviceable, but the writing is where it’s at. It’s kind of cliché I guess, but I thought it was pretty touching.

Luthor pretty much the best line he’s had yet in this one. ‘You am toast’ rocks so hard.

There’s another one besides the one with Mxy, it’s the one where Bizarro touches the Krypton orb and tries to turn Earth into Krypton; it’s called ‘Bizarro’s World’.


Blasts From the Past- You: 4 and 3 / Me: 4

The Prometheon- You: 4 and 5/ Me: 7

Livewire- You: 5 / Me: 5

Speed Demons- You: 5.5 and 6 / Me: 9

Identity Crisis- You: 9 and 8 / Me: 9

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I'm calling it right now. Mxyzpixilated is getting a ten.

It should get a twelve. Gilbert Gottfried is argubly the most irritating man in the entertainment industry, but he rules over this episode with an iron fist.

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PS3 is already beating XBOX, one reason is the games on PS3 are much better

Ha. Wow. No.

Anyways, all this talk of Superman penises means that I'm no longer responsible for our site getting blocked as adult content. It's all on you now, Mike.

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Dubs, you wrote the words "Superman penis", not Mike. It's still technically your fault. :devil:

I haven't seen Mxyzpixilated or however it's spelled since the very first time it aired on television. I can't remember a damn thing about it except Gilbert Gottfried. Strangely enough, I'm looking forward to watching it again.

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A question about Speed Demons. Who is the Flash? I always assumed that it was Wally, but now I am not so sure. If for nothing else, it explains the different voice actors between this episode and Justice League. I have no knowledge of the Flash beyond the DCAU, so I know nothing of the Barry Allen Flash.

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The costume and general attitude of The Flash in "Speed Demons" makes me believe that it's Wally West, but, if we go with the idea that Teen Titans is in continuity and did take place before BTAS, this could still be Barry.

It's Wally, because it's revealed in Justice League.

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JL takes place a few years after Superman: TAS, so it could concievably be Barry in the episode. That said, it's totally Wally. That's exactly how the character was written at the time - kind of an overcompensating jackass. :laugh:

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