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Something I meant to mention as relates to the Vincent D'Onofrio question in the e-mails is that I think there are two Bat-villains that he could REALLY pull off:

1. Hush--He knows who Batman is and he uses this to manipulate him and make his life miserable throughout a Nolan Batman movie. Hmm, a manipulative genius............Detective Robert Goren, anyone? And you could have him team with Riddler (i.e. David Hyde Pierce). :smile:

2. Two-Face--This is no disrespect meant to Aaron Eckhart, whose Dent portrayal I am EAGERLY awaiting. I just know in my heart that D'Onofrio could own the role of Dent/Two-Face.

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YES, this is episode, I'm sure most have been waiting for.


Mike, everytime I watch this 3-part episode, I'm always in a good mood. Makes me wish they did a 4th part in the story. Mike I have been wishing for all of the DCAU Feature Length Episodes to be re-released with commentaries. This would of course include:

Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm

Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton

The Superman/Batman Movie

Batman Beyond: The Movie

Batman Beyond; The Return of the Joker(new commentary)

Justice League: Starcrossed

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Bat-Shit Crazy LOL :laugh: I love that one-liner

Nightwing I think could take on Batman, he has known Batman the longest and knows Batman's motivation, the way he thinks and just the fact that Batman trained Dick Grayson gives him a mind set edge.

WOLVERINE VS BATMAN *drools* dreams can come true :devil:

I love those new The Dark Knight Posters, definitelty Posters I will pick up if I can find them.

I loved Jack Nicholsen's portrayel of The Joker, Mark Hamill built on it in an animated setting. I do believe that Heath Ledgers portrayel will be much better, but at the same time, its a completely different version of Joker. Jack Nicholsen portrays a sick humored psychotic, while Heath Ledger(from the trailers)appears to just be psychotic, no sense of humor.

Joel Shumacher began the turn in Batman Forever, which still had Tim Burton in the Executive Producer's seat(which is why the camp comes out of nowhere in Batman and Robin).

JOKER'S FAVOR 8...8...8

:yes:World's Finest; You'll Be Mr. Clean(Joker to Lex). This is an episode that does so many things for the DCAU, gives us a great story, teams up the World's 2 Most Important Heroes and the World's 2 Most Dangerous Arch-Villains Teaming Up. We also get a hilarious fight between Harley and Mercy(How you doing Slugger? A-OK Mr J)lol.

Every voice actor in this episodes gives their best performances. Kevin Conroy comes in and just takes over. Everytime I see a crossover episode and Batman is in Metropolis, Metropolis becomes as dark as Gotham is, but when Superman goes to Gotham it stays the same, no change.

I love the triangle created here between Bruce, Clark and Lois. Bringing drama to a cartoon. I refuse to use the term Children's Cartoon, because this isn't a Children's Cartoon.

The only gripe I can think of at this moment is that the beginning with Lois in the highjacked plane is a bit stupid. It's just a scene made to show how well known Superman is to the world(which I figured we did already).

When this episode aired, only a few episodes of The New Batman Adventures had aired, so the title sequence for The New Batman/Superman Adventures already hinted at this amazing meeting between the two.

When I first watched this episode, I was sitting at home, excited and did not get up out of my room(I was around 15 or 16). Hey Mike, cartoons aren't just for kids, watch South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons or any of the Adult Swim cartoons.

I like that the villains meet first, its shows how well Batman and The Joker know each other. The Joker also shows that he may not be so crazy, just bad. I think The Joker has plans to destroy Superman already, with or without Lex's help. But as wee see in The New Batman Adventures he is constantly broke.

I think the reason Superman knows everything about Gotham is that he is a newspaper reporter, so its his job to know these things. This is after all the reason Superman puts himself in that type of job, so he knows what's going on before everyone else.

I LOVE IT when Batman throws Superman, than Superman's response "I heard you were crazy, but I didn't think you were stupid." I believe the reason Batman isn't seriously hurt or even to another extent why Batman is able to throw Superman is that he has the Kryptonite in his utility belt, while he is talking to Superman, thereby weakening him slowly. I think its kind of hard to believe that with Superman's Super-Hearing he couldn't hear the blink lights from the Bat-Tracer.

The Frist Cliffhanger was great, having Batman show Superman that he is in the same league as him and now they both have the same edge on each other.

The 2nd Cliffhanger was as good, I mean an explosion isn't so amazing, it makes me wonder if in the original edit if they had a scene that was cut or if there was a different scene they meant to be a cliffhanger. The scene where Lex tells Mercy to call The Joker, since they will have to deal with Batman would have made a much better 2nd Cliffhanger.

My score for this is obvious 10

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'World's Finest', I've been waiting so long for this. Hope the podcast lives up to the actual episode.

Pre-Episode Banter

You're a Hawks fan eh? Yeah, I live in Atlanta and I know this one guy who's obsessed with them to the point of insanity.

I might check out some of those threads; they sound pretty interesting.


I really really like that idea about a kryptonite arc.

Yeah, you guys definitely had a lot of problems with older B:TAS episodes.

World's Finest

Excellent sound clip.

Yeah, obviously I love this movie, as should everyone. I've only met one person who dislikes it too. It's fun and exciting and beautifully animated. The character moments are unbelievably compelling and everything is so well paced.

And I love this Joker too. Not sure if I like him without lips, but the performance is just incredible.

Wow, you guys are just gushing all over this.

I'm surprised y'all didn't take much of an issue with Superman killing the terrorist. I still think he could have saved the guy by adjusting his speed as he caught the guy so he would come to a gradual stop or something like that. And if his death was an inevitability, did it really have to be by punching the guy square in the face?

I think that part one is easily the best of the three if only for the ending. I also really enjoy the way that Batman isn't more of a badass than Superman 100% of the time and Supes gets in a fair amount of jabs against Bats.

That's an awesome find about the movie cords at that one scene, Mike. I just re-watched it and I'm pretty sure you're right.

I never paid attention to that 'last laugh' line. It's probably going to bug me on subsequent viewings.


I've never noticed how badly beat up Mercy gets in this episode. At least she gets to laugh at the end of it all.

The Batman/Luthor scene is so so cool. Man, you really dig really deep into little things like the fact that Luthor doesn't move.

I really don't have that many comments for this one. I'm just enjoying reliving the episode with y'all.


You: 10 / Me: 10

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I'm surprised y'all didn't take much of an issue with Superman killing the terrorist. I still think he could have saved the guy by adjusting his speed as he caught the guy so he would come to a gradual stop or something like that. And if his death was an inevitability, did it really have to be by punching the guy square in the face?

The guy's a terrorist who attempted to kidnap / assassinate the President. I have no problem with Superman knocking his head off.

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As one of the few early days DCAU episodes I have actually seen in the last 10 years there's a lot of great memories of this one. I'm actually quite surprised that the airdate was that early as I recall seeing commercials hyping it up on Kids WB! which I wouldn't have had at my place until mid-1999, maybe they were hyping a re-run I dunno. Since you guys were talking up how big of a deal this episode was to the DCAU as well as your anniversary (which had me in a slightly nostalgic mood) I realised just how much of my life I have watched the DCAU, think of it, B: TAS began when I was in pre-school, I was 4 years old, it ended when I was 2006 when I was a month shy of 18, now while I wasn't the biggest fan early on (at that age I was more a fan of the camp Adam West stuff), but still check this out.

I watched most of my cartoons based on the block, I wouldn't do much channel surfing I would pick a fave show and watch that block, hell to this day I try to do that.

Batman: TAS on Fox Kids, watched primarily for Power Rangers

Superman, Gotham Knights, Batman Beyond etc. on Kids WB! Primarily watch for Pokemon

Justice League on YTV Late Night Weekends (not an actual block, but still) watched primarily for Student Bodies, Breaker High and Dark Oracle

JLU on YTV Bionix watched primarily for the anime on the block.

Just found it a bit weird as I thought about it.


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I realised just how much of my life I have watched the DCAU, think of it, B: TAS began when I was in pre-school, I was 4 years old


At last World's Finest and indeed it was the World's Finest at their finest.

Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.

Thanks, Erin! And thanks for joining the forums!

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I'm not quite through, but though I'd post my thoughts, as I usually listen on the way to work, and I'll forget all this by Monday morning. I may have a few more things to add later - or not.

In relation to the e-mail about Superman going to Lex rather than Wayne, Mike, you're right that Wayne is aware of what goes in in Wayne Enterprises and worked hard to develop his company. However, I think the point was that his image is of a guy who lucked into money, whatever the reality, and based on that image, Superman wouldn't have gone to him.

Episode 1

As far as the terrorists on Air Force 1, I agree it's a stretch - both the Air Force and the Secret Service take a dim view of that. However, they made an entire movie around the premise with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman at about this time, so the DCAU team's not alone in using the premise.

As far as stuff flying out, like James said, the seats were bolted down and the passengers were strapped in. Plus, unlike "Superman Returns", they actually kept the airplane in the atmosphere. It's not like we're talking about the type of explosive decompression you'd see on a spaceship.

Flash survived Superman's straight-arm in "Speed Demons" for 3 reasons - first, he has an aura to give him some protection. Second, with his reflexes, he was able to slow slightly to not hit full force. Third, Superman lives in a world of cardboard, remember? Why does he never get credit for pulling his punches, so he did not kill the terrorist?

In a classic movie/TV show cliche, Bruce tells Lois he's pick her up at 8. Doesn't get her address, phone number, anything. How does he know where to pick her up? Sure, he's Batman, but if someone I just met tells me they'll be at my house at 8, then shows up without me telling them where I live, I'm going to be a bit creeped out.

The scene in the restaurant had a funny bit on the taco - I speak Japanese like I do Spanish - that is, I can order at either Taco Bell or at a sushi restaurant (and if you think that's odd, I live in Hawaii - there are a LOT more sushi places than Mexican places here). Apparently they had some problems with the animation studio because of confusion between "taco" and "tako" which is Japanese for octopus (I don't know if that's just for octopus to eat, or if it means the animal as well - like "beef" and "cow". Like I said, I only speak sushi Japanese.)

Episode 2

Ah, the nightclub. Another movie cliche - every police investigation (at least in 80's movies) has to involve a scene at a strip club.

Another problem with throwing the cage girl at the mobsters - even without the guns, it seems like it'd be awfully easy for her to get hurt, possibly seriously, that way. I agree, Mike I think that was out of character for Bats.

I'm going to take a stand on the side of Superman saving Lois, not Batman. There were 3 threats: Joker Toxin, the explosion, and Kryptonite. Superman got them away from the toxin and the explosion, and Batman dealt with the Kryptonite - the one threat that did not directly affect Lois. (I suppose in 20 years, when she has a normal mammogram, she could send him a card saying "Thanks for saving me from possible cancer" - although by that point, she'll have been exposed to kryptonite so often, it probably won't matter) Batman saved Superman. Superman would not have been able to save Lois without this, but Superman actually defended Lois against the things that were a threat to her life - and Batman could not have done so.

About the toxin - I'll propose the theory that as a complex chemical, it's heavier than air, so sinks quickly and fills the bottom of the room first. Since Lois was hanging in the air, she was exposed to it later than either Superman or Batman.

I lost track of the episode change, so the catfight between Mercy and Harley may have been Episode 3, but that was the last thing I heard. It's actually scary how many parallels they found. Batman and Superman - that's a given. Luthor and Joker - the two greatest foes, but complete opposites. Still, the premise they used here worked well to explain why they'd work together - certainly better than some ("I'm evil!" "Me too!" "Let's team up!" "Yeah!"). But Mercy and Harley - they both have exactly the same relationship. I'm sure Luthor isn't physically abusive to Mercy (no one in their right mind would be; she'd feed you your arm), but he cares for her about as much as Joker does for Harley, and I'm sure he knows how she feels, and manipulates that to keep her loyal. Almost makes you wonder if they made the character because they liked exploring the dynamic between Harley and Joker (hope not, it's a pretty depressing dynamic, when you peel away the jokes).

Anyways, there's my thoughts. Looking back, I can't help but be glad I've become a member of our merry forum...because God help us if I try to make poor Mike and James read a behemoth like this on air. They'd probably lose their voices before they got to the actual episode. Oh well, we could have a podcast that just consists of them reading my e-mails.


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Guest DCAUFan1051

I've not commented on WFP Episode 27 yet and as I'm re listening to it I will.

AT LAST the best episode in S: TAS!!!!

Mike I went back and watched the first part of the episode and you were right about the three chords of the classic Superman theme. That's SOOO DAMN cool. It's nice seeing them paying tribute to classic stuff.

As I've said before I have these three episodes on iTunes as well as the individual DVD movie I liked the bonus feature on the DVD with Bruce Timm interview. That was cool.

Comparison: Joker Worlds Finest: make sure he's street pizza some flying fool could have caught him

Joker Old Wounds: what?! you should be sidewalk stroganoff (about Batgirl)

Robin Old Wounds: I changed the menu

my question would be why's the Joker always making food references to having people killed?

good one liner:

amscrae Turnip I wanna talk to the boy in blue

Mercy was Bruce's Driver that's crazy!!!!

I'm not sure if Mike & James mentioned it but the hangar the airplane that Bruce flys in on is a Lexcorp building but they have the plane with the batwing in there. WTF! I thought it was Bruce's jet all along but I don't know now. It still begs the question how can Lex not now about a hidden compartment in his own plane hiding another plane?? That's wonky to me

I think that's it for now keep up the great work

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