What machines do you own?

Cheap Heat

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Waaaaaaaay too many.








Virtual Boy




Sega Genisis

Sega CD

Sega Dreamcast


Playstaion one and two

I'm currently borrowing an X-Box, but I doubt that counts. I've also owned a 32X, but sold that awhile ago. Might even have a broken Atari lying around, but I'm unsure of that one. Oh yeah, and after drq reminding me of the Turbo Grafx 16, I actually did own that system at one point. But it suffered the same fate as did the 32X*Atleast... I'm pretty sure I don't own it anymore*.

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I'm the only one with a Turbo Grafx 16?

I've got one of those, a NES, a SNES, an N64, a PSone, a PS2, a GameCube, a Dreamcast, a Gameboy original (pre-pocket, absolutely pre-color), a GBA, a Phillips CD-i, a Mattel Aquarius, a PC, a Mac and up until about two months ago, when it quit working, an Xbox.


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I'm the only one with a Turbo Grafx 16?

TG16 owned! Bonk was the best, and there was some ninja game on there... what was that called?

My step-brother bought one that "fell off of a truck" for $100 with games, and I was so jealous because my mom wouldn't let me buy one from his "friend" who "found" these machines.

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Virtual FUCKING Boy bitches!!! I demand to know who else has one! (Mr. Keith rules)

I can't believe I forgot the Virtual Boy! That mother was off da hook! The only time I ever enjoyed tennis was playing on that red and black monstrosity.

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Atari 2600 which I got on Christmas of 1980 (complete with all the original boxes for the system and over 50 games - all in mint condition), Color Computer 3, then NES

I then skipped a bunch of years as I wasn't into the gaming scene, only on PC then two years ago I won a Playstation2 on a contest on Askmen.com ! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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