Episode 34


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The Mad Hatter uses circus animals to steal microchips ("Animal Act"), Jimmy Olsen learns what it means to be famous ("Superman's Pal"), Batman and Robin break up ("Old Wounds"), Luthor's undersea experiments cause Aquaman to threaten the surface world ("A Fish Story") and Batman must combat the mystic arts if he's to help Jason Blood regain control of Etrigan ("The Demon Within"). [ 2:52:23 || 78.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_034.mp3

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Why are you people arguing over why Superman can pull a ship out of black hole in one episode but in the next one he can't even hold up a helicopter! I mean come on! Its a little cartoon show for petes sake. I mean you guys are complain about an imaginary character fighting other imaginary characters in an imaginary world.



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The point of WFP is to pay tribute to the DC Animated Universe, to examine every aspect of every episode of every show. As much as James and I love the DCAU, sometimes certain gripes pop up. When they appear once or twice, generally, we'll mention them and move on. But when something comes up time and time again, yes, we nitpick it. Superman's ever-changing strength is just one of those things. Previously we've gone on about Batman's fluctuating martial arts skills, Killer Croc's mental descent, Joker logic and so on. It's part of the show.

If you don't like it, that's fine. Not everybody is going to enjoy every aspect of World's Finest Podcast. But there's no need to be rude about it. What does typing "zzzzzz......" accomplish?

Furthermore, how can you complain about us nitpicking an episode of Superman, when you've started a thread in which you complained about Neon Genesis Evangelion going "all emo and shit"? My point is, despite its emo turn, you still love Neon Genesis Evangelion. That's the same way James and I feel about Superman: we might complain about bad animation, Superman's powers and other things, but at the end of the day we still love the cartoon.

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Ehh, fair enough. But still I mean the thing that bothers me about these type of things is that their in the same vein as those "Superhero vs Superhero" topics. I mean the thing about it is that the outcome is always going to be speculated and even when fans get what they want they still whine and bitch about something. Same thing here, I mean its all the same thing, so it gets old having to hear these kinds of things.

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I don't see the connection.

If I said, "Who'd win in a fight, Superman or Silver Surfer?" You might choose Superman and I might choose Surfer, and we'd go around offering points for our sides, possibly never coming to a consensus.

What we're doing on WFP is nothing like that; we're simply asking for consistency. If Superman can lift a cargo ship that weighs tens of thousands of tons, he should have no trouble with a two-ton helicopter.

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Pre-Episode Banter

-I only had the second one and that was pretty awesome. The fourth one looks pretty cool.

-I loved 'Gotham Knight', so I'm glad that you didn't hate it. I thought the Killer Croc story was one of the best stories on the set actually, best animation by far. And glad to hear some love for 'Have I Got a Story For You'.

-Senior year of high school starts in about a week for me, so I know how you feel.


-I don't think there was any homage in 'The Dark Knight' to Burton's films at all. If anything, they were showing how they're doing things better than those films.

-And yeah, the crooked cop also had the exact same name as the Year One cop: Flass.

-The 'Watchmen' trailer blew my mind. I'm desperately hoping that it turns out okay.

-Yeah, that line was definitely in the Terminator trailer.

-'Chase Me' is pretty incredible. Easily the best thing involving Catwoman in the DCAU. Funny that Adrienne Barbeau didn't get to voice her.

-'Looney Tunes' rules. I'm currently collecting the Golden Collections volumes.

-Agreed. I won't be able to listen to the podcast because 'Static' and 'Zeta' are two series I've never seen and probably never will see.

-'Starcrossed' is good, but I think there's a lot of JLU stuff that's better. 'Epilogue', 'Beware the Gray Ghost', and 'Apokalips...Now!' are all up there.

-Too bad you didn't understand it. I understood it pretty well, but yeah, at least you can be happy that it supports your position on the matter.


Animal Act- I don't like this episode. Anything that adds to DCAU history is good, but this plot is just all kinds of ridiculous.

-I agree about Dick's and Tim's relationship being one of the very few good things about this episode.

-I think that 'The Demon Within' had the best animation of the batch easily, but the S:TAS episodes are abysmal, both done by the same studio that did 'The Terrible Trio'.

-Wow, that's sad that Mad Hatter doesn't get to come back. His episodes just got progressively worse.

-Oh yeah, I love the stuff with Bullock and the clown.


The censors clearly weren't doing their job.

Superman's Pal- This episode is horrible, the worst of all S:TAS. The animation is horrible, Metallo is continually bastardized, and the story plays out like an episode of 'Hey Arnold' or something. Bad bad bad bad bad.

-The animation was done by the studio that did 'The Terrible Trio', called Jade. It's horrible.

-Yeah, no one likes Angela Chin.

-Agreed about 'Absolute Power', that makes a lot of sense.

-Tina had to have one of the dumbest character motivations ever; love the conversation about Metallo's inability to be sexually stimulated.

Old Wounds- I don't love this as much as most people, but I still think it's invaluable. I just have a handful of issues, like Joker's minor role and the fact that Batgirl has no character, and that Batman would actually risk her life by bringing him on the mission to stop his most dangerous villain. That really makes no sense to me. But I adore the ending that shows that Batman still has a heart to him.

-Mike, that's the hardest I've ever heard you laugh.

-No, the animation is not nearly as good as that in 'Growing Pains' or 'Over the Edge'.

-Yeah, I can't stand comic book continuity at all.

-A B:TAS style flashback would have been awesome.

-I never noticed that Lucius had a daughter in this one. Makes sense considering that the Fox has a legacy in 'Batman Beyond'.

-I love that Alfred moment. It's probably somewhere in my top five Alfred moments right behind his appearance in 'Starcrossed'.

-No, Joker had never met Batgirl. She only appeared in two episodes and like James says, he wasn't in any of them.

-I don't remember her being mentioned in 'Harlequinade' at all.

-I'm kind of glad that we get a solo Joker appearance for once.

-Ha, that's a great catch Mike. Dick really should have a better education in the art of excuse-making.

-I'm surprised that Batman went that far in that scene. Really felt unlike him.

A Fish Story- Okay, so the animation's not that good and the story is kind of weak, but it's Aquaman! The only Aquaman that makes that orange costume look badass. I can't tell you how much of a joy it was watching this episode as a little kid, because the only Aquaman I was ever used to was the 'Superfriends' version.

-Interesting that Aquaman stayed true to his warning with his JL appearances.

-James is right. This episode has just as terrible animation as 'Superman's Pal', done by the same studio. You're far from the only one who thinks so.

-Mike, you have to get more acquainted with Aquaman.

-Yeah, I like that Aquaman changed his appearance in JL. He feels more rugged and world-weary.

-I never noticed that about Lois revving her car.

-A stick-shift seems to really suit Lois though.

-I figured that Jimmy was just a teenager.

-I think his last appearance was definitely 'Apokalips...Now!'

The Demon Within- I like this episode. It's pretty much just a big action show, with a bunch of awesome animation and cool effects. Also neat that Etrigan shows back up later in JL.

-Yeah, agreed about everything pretty much. This is an interesting idea for an episode and the animation is mind-blowing.

-I don't know who's more irritating: Klarion or Mordred.

-I loved it when Batman was screwing with Klarion, easily one of the great Batman moments of TNBA.

-Oh yeah, I forgot about the Klarion reference in 'Revenant'.

-He joins the league in JLU.


Animal Act- You: 5 and 6 / Me: 5

Superman's Pal- You: 2 and 3 / Me: 3

Old Wounds- You: 9 and 10 / Me: 8

A Fish Story- You: 5 and 6 / Me: 7

The Demon Within- You: 8 and 9 / Me: 8.5

Great job. Can't wait for 'Legends of the Dark Knight'.

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I'm so terrible when it comes to these I can never remember to download them. Anyway I'm surprised to hear Yoda's hating on SR, because I believe and I could be wrong but I think I had an argument with him on the Tory and he was arguing for Singer and his work on the X-Men movies. Very surprising.

Need to finish listening to the show.

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Hey guys; sorry I'm coming in late with this, but I was making a video for my Freddy's Nightmares set(now that my webcam works). Anyway, listening to it and I can't remember what I was talking about with the Bizarro answer or the question I was answering and I'm sorry about that, lol.

Hey Mike, I joined the forums a long time ago, lol. Sorry about that too.

Check this trailer out for Nightwing

On to the episodes:


Animal Act

First, off this episode isn't one of my favorites at all, but I did like that they went back on Dick's past again. Nightwing is great in the DCAU, even if the episodes suck. I love the "Bob Kane" reference,

but isn't one of the "Batwomen" named Cassandra Kane(I believe its spell Cain)?

There isn't really much to say about this episode, as I'm watching it now and already want it to end. I could never really get into this episode. Only the first 2 Mad Hatter stories I felt were any good. This season Mad Hatter is just boring. Although, he does look more like the Alice in Wonderland character in his revamped look. I mean why is Mad Hatter acting more like The Joker? What was his plan exactly? The same as always. UGHH!! I mean at least The Joker comes up with new plans, Mad Hatter's is always the same.

I would have to say this should get a 5 out of 10, cause it is watchable, but not all the time.


Superman's Pal

Very much a filler episode, not a bad one, but it definitely feels like a waste of Metallo(and Malcolm McDowell's last voice appearance, as Corey Burton does his voice in the JL episode "The Hereafter" he only returned for the JLU episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core"). The character of Tina is annoying, but I do like that she talks about liking metal. I will give this 4 out of 10


Old Wounds

YES, One of my favorite episodes EVER!!!!

I love seeing how it is Batman & Robin split up, I mean what could make these two split up more than feeling deceived by one of them. As we all talked about while reviewing Batman: The Animated Series, we saw how Dick's personality was going from pupil to his Nightwing persona and I enjoyed it very much. I wonder sometimes if the way we see Batman act in this episode is what really happened or is being exaggerated by Dick as the storyteller? We all know that Batman can get pretty far, before finally backing up, so its nor a stretch. I also like to see how Tim Drake seems to grow as a character throughout the series, but how it seems to really start here. My only big gripe is; why is Barbara wearing her revamped Batgirl outfit? She didn't get that until after she became part of the team I thought. It's also interesting to see that she almost dies the same way she did die in her fear dream. Also Batman claims he didn't tell Dick about Barbara being Batgirl, but just blast Dick's secret as Robin. Still a very good episode. One of the best of Gotham Knights. I have to give this 9 out of 10


A Fish Story

Interesting in terms of introducing Aquaman, but I have no idea why they did. I mean, when he returns in JL, he's so different in both attitude and look. I definitely like the look of Aquaman in the JL, not here. This just looks like a revamp of his Superfriends look. 3 out of 10.


The Demon Within

When I first saw this episode when it first aired I found it to be really boring. I just didn't care for the characters or story, but as I got older and watched it a few times, it got better. Very well written, I enjoy seeing Batman furthering his teamwork efforts to new heroes. The animated is well done. Estrigen is a very interesting character. I give this episode 9 out of 10.

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Estrigen is a very interesting character.

Oh, dear.

And I'm well aware that isn't how estrogen is spelled, but that's still funny.

Its actually spelled Etrigen


Okay, let me elaborate a little as to what I mean by interesting when talking about Estrogen. I found the background in terms of Merlin, King Arthur(from future episodes)interesting. The young boy Klarion is just a little piece of shit and it works, but was he an actual comic book character? He seems to act a lot like Mordred.

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From Wiki on Aquaman's powers.

Aquaman has a number of superhuman powers, most of which derive from the fact that he is adapted to live in the depths of the ocean. Primary among his powers is the ability to extract oxygen from water, allowing him to 'breathe' while submerged. He is unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths; further, he possesses an enhanced resistance to injury and superhuman strength (he can easily throw a car hundreds of feet). He is likewise able to swim at very high speeds. He can see in near total darkness and has enhanced hearing. Although he can remain underwater indefinitely without suffering any ill effects, Aquaman grows weak if he remains on land for extended periods.

Aquaman's most famous (or infamous) power is the telepathic ability to communicate with/command oceanic life. The range of this power is unclear; certainly he can summon sea life from vast distances. Although this power is most often and most easily used on marine life, Aquaman has on multiple occasions demonstrated the capacity to affect any being evolved from marine life (e.g., humans), or that lives upon the sea (e.g. sea eagles).

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