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It's actually not the same zord. They mention that this one served an older Red Samurai ranger but fell through a rift ages ago.

Super Sentai reuses a lot of visual ideas from past seasons; they probably just thought that the "Won Tiger" from Dairanger (what we know as the White Tigerzord from MMPR season 2) was a cool design that they wanted to bring back.

Ahh well I guess I could see Zordon making a new Ranger and Zord using the look and design of another power source, but did they ever mention why it is that Zordon or anyone never mentioned that there are other Ranger powers and why it is that in the original series they made it seem like they were alone. I mean with Alien Rangers, and Space Rangers and Zeo Rangers I can understand, but all the other Ranger powers are said to exist throughout the world, so why not just get them all for that final battle. Oh well

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If its anything like the sets that Shout did for GI Joe or Transformers, expect a pretty box, a ton of toy commercials, and some documentaries. The Joe set was like 90 bucks when it came out so expect to pay a pretty penny.

Time Life did the complete Real Ghostbusters box set (25 DVDs for about $180), so that's probably a closer indication of what you're in for - decent extras, interesting but not INSANELY OVER THE TOP packaging. however, this set is going to be 40 DVDs, so it is going to be CRAZY expensive.

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Shout is currently taking pre-orders on the complete Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for $119.98.

The contents of the special features disc are (same source at the above link):

  • Bonus Disc 1:
    • Morphin Time! - A look back at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with members of the cast, crew and creative team
    • A Morphenomenal Cast - Casting Director Katy Wallin and the cast recall what it took to become Power Rangers
    • Lord Zedd's Monster Heads: The Greatest Villians of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)
    • Alpha's Magical Christmas (1994 Direct-to-VHS Title)
    • The Good, The Bad and The Stupid: The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)

    [*]Bonus Disc 2:

    • The Fans Power Up - A Peek Inside the Fandom as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans Remember the Series.
    • Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Official Fan Club Video (1994 VHS)
    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata (1995 VHS)
    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live: The World Tour (1995 Direct-to-VHS Title)

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I just finished mainlining Power Rangers Lost Galaxy over the past six days. And since I am procrastinating and somewhat bored, here are my extremely detailed thoughts.

I think the biggest hurdle this show has is the setup. They are on a space colony searching for a new world. Why? They never explain this part. No reason is ever given as to why they are in space. It is of utmost importance that they complete this mission; that much is made clear. But what is the endgame? They state it is a one-way mission with no contact with Earth. So, is this just a plan to ensure that the human race survives? And if they need to go to another planet that is inhabitable, why go thru all this hassle. The Space Rangers have been to countless planets that could support life. Hitch a ride with them and their public identities. I know that logic is something I am supposed to suspend, but no. I will accept the Power Ranger world, but this I cannot get behind.

And speaking of the space colony, what the hell were the designers thinking. Mountains? An ‘ocean’? Docks? Forests? It doesn’t make any sense other than they need these things so they can use the Japanese footage. If this was set on Earth, or even an Earth-2 type colony on another planet, I would be able to accept everything much easier. I can understand the logic of setting this is space. “Power Rangers in Space was a hit! It must have been because they were in space. Let’s do that again.” But it doesn’t work.

Taking the setup out of it, how is the show? It varies. It starts off shaky. The first handful of episodes seem to be rushing to introduce everything. Either to make use of the Japanese footage easier or to make sure all the toys are out before Christmas. Whichever, it just made the show feel off. But then they introduce the Magna Defender and things start to take form. This storyline is the highlight of the first half of the season. By having him not be a complete 100% good guy after his first appearance makes him the most compelling non-Ranger hero I can think of. Sadly, after Mike gains his powers, the show kinda stagnates again.

And then shit got real.

Bringing back the Psycho Rangers kicked off the best run of the show. This added energy into the show and gave us that ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment when the Space Rangers showed up. This could not have happened before and felt like a big deal. Like the Power Rangers meeting the Ninja Turtles big.

And then shit got real. Again.

They killed a Power Ranger. Screw the fact she joined The Force. Screw the fact she got better. She dead. This was by far the thing I remember most about this season. They killed a Ranger. Various factors played into this, but I really do think this was the only way it could have played out. And then bringing back Karone to become a Ranger was a great idea.

And then something odd happened.

For whatever reason, they go into the “Lost Galaxy”. And this brings the show to a complete halt. They spend 8 episodes in a weird ‘Age of Apocalypse’ type situation. All momentum everything had was lost. And once they escape, they go straight to the big finale. Which is good and had an epicness to it, but felt a little out of the blue. I can only assume that this little detour had something to do with the Japanese footage, but it just feels off. (And the Swabbies look like something the Aquabats would say looks too cheesy. Yeesh.)

Another failing of the show is that it is trying to be PRiS. What made that show a success was the interplay and personalities of the villains. For the first time you have shades of grey and more than mustache twirling. They try to recreate that here, and for the most part, it works. The villains all have their own unique motivations, personalities and they evolve over the course of the show.

However, the same cannot be said for the Rangers themselves. The actors get better. It is only natural that the longer you play the character the better you get at it. Yet the onscreen characters do not evolve much at all. While focusing on the villains so much, you short changed the Rangers themselves. In PRiS, you could do this because 4/5 of them were established on Turbo. Here you have six new heroes to get across and that never happened.

I’d be remiss is I didn’t mention the Zords. Too many Megazord sized Zords, they do not combine, no cockpit with all the Rangers, have horrible finishers and the animal head shoulder pads look ridiculous. Worst Megazord Ever (so far).

I have compared Lost Galaxy to PRiS a few times in this rambling. That isn’t fair, as the latter is considered to be the best season of Power Rangers. Yet, it is justified. They try so hard to make this PRiS II that they lost sight of making something new. There is enough good here that this could have been an excellent season, but in the end, it is merely good. Chronologically (or ranking it based on what was before), I would place it above Zeo and Turbo.

Looking ahead, I am really interested in getting into Lightspeed Rescue. I watched little of it while it was on and remember even less. While this series started off with clear links to the past, I will be interested in seeing what a potentially all new setup can do.

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What's funny is Megaranger, the series that In Space is taken from, is actually not space themed while Gingaman, the series that Lost Galaxy is taken from, at least as Space Pirates as the villains (you're mark on about that being the reason for the Lost Galaxy footage). However, the theme of that season was also Forests. Factoring in that Terra Venture is like the definition of a bad design and it kinda becoming obvious how quickly they probably tried to make the turn around for this one.

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Because I am stupid, I went ahead and killed Lightspeed Rescue. Because I can. Let's kick this pig.

I really enjoy the concept of this series. Government created Rangers makes complete sense. After all this shit that went down in Angel Grove over the years, it is only natural that the government would look into making their own Rangers. A vast improvement over the extreme flawed notion of Terra Venture.

That said, this series is not very good. It has flashes, but overall is step backwards. The Rangers seem less powerful and the direction seems to be going more lighthearted and Turbo-ish. Biggest issue is the completely over the top acting for the first half of the season. It gets better to the point only a few people are cartoony, but it is an issue. And I have to say, I made the connection that Capt. Mitchell looks like MC Bat Commander of the Aquabats in the first episode and could never get that out of my head. Very distracting.

Having a human 'Alpha' was a nice change. However, the actress was the most over the top main character. And while I get that she made the weapons and they needed things for her to do, they have too many weapons. 10+ different weapons is a bit much. For fuck's sake, the Red Ranger is wearing a motorcycle (his 2nd motorcycle at that). It just looks ridiculous. Nothing had time to get over. Only good thing that I will say is that I like that Blue & Green got special weapons instead of Red again.

Much like Lost Galaxy, they really tried to get over the villain disharmony of PRiS. It didn't work. It came off a more of a group of high school girls 'fighting' than a power struggle. As for the villains as a whole, they suck. Having a more human 'big bad' makes for a better show. When it comes time for the final battle, it looks different. Queen Banshera looks like any other monster, so it doesn't have the same feel.

The zords are much better that Galaxy, and even PRiS for that matter. They still don't interlock as much as I like, but they have unique moves. The ladder arms may look silly at times, but it is different which is good. I also love the detail in the different heights of the zords. The Super Train would have to be huge because the other zords are stored inside. The Max Solar Zord would be smaller as it doesn't combine with anything to be in robot mode. I had my doubts that they would keep this thru-out, but they did.

Now it is time to rant about the fucking crossover. That was a piece of shit. Logically, it makes zero sense. They Galaxy Rangers are on Mirinoi. A planet that took months to fly to on a 'spaceship' and a trip thru the Lost Galaxy warp zone. So, no, you cannot just show back up on Earth whenever you want to. Just no. The Lightspeed Rangers should not know that Leo is the Red Galaxy Ranger. Terra Venture had ZERO contact with Earth AND the Galaxy Rangers never exposed their identities. So no.

But wait, there is more. Leo clearly did not want to be there. (Judging from what I read about Forever Red, he really did not want to be there.) Having all of his in Ranger bits be voiced all weird made it suck. And all ten humans are on screen for a minute? This entire event seems like a desperate attempt to link into continuity. Without this crossover, you could say this happened in a parallel universe. And lastly, by having Trakeena show up, it really weakens the ending of Lost Galaxy.

Not much else to say. While watching this there was never that excited push to watch more episodes. That says a lot to me. I would place this below Lost Galaxy and above Turbo. That leaves Zeo, which it has been so long, I don't know how it compares. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Now to decide if I want to knock out Time Force before baseball season starts or to take a break.

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This entire event seems like a desperate attempt to link into continuity. Without this crossover, you could say this happened in a parallel universe. And lastly, by having Trakeena show up, it really weakens the ending of Lost Galaxy.

Having the last series villain show up for one final fight was kind of the theme for all the crossovers, if I remember. Everything else you said, I agree with.

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If that is the case, then I am more than a little sad. That makes the final battle of the series more or less pointless. In Galaxy and Lightspeed, the lowest ranked reoccurring villain survived. Not epic, but still better than resurrecting the big bad.

It is easy to make it better. Off the top of my head: (Olympious/Diabolico) goes to Mirinoi to steal the (Quasar Sabres/Lights of Orion) to finally defeat the Lightspeed Rangers. A joint Mirinoi/Lightspeed venture had created a warp portal between worlds that makes it a 'quick' shuttle ride between planets. Covers the travel logic and doesn't invalidate Trakeena being dead. And she was dead. Explodey.

Speaking ahead: If any of the Lightspeed villain crew show up, I am okay with that. They are not so much dead, but more trapped in a different dimension with magic. Magic gets them out. Easy.

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If that is the case, then I am more than a little sad. That makes the final battle of the series more or less pointless.

It happens in Wild Force, but the way it works there is really nice. The DinoThunder one is also neat in that it's kind of a reunion/epilogue/"one last battle" thing for Ninja Storm, and it's a lot of fun.

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Wild Force had a Time Force crossover in it. The only seasons which don't have crossovers are Ninja Storm (mainly since it was the first mainly Disney year), Mystic Force (which does however have a character from SPD in it at one point in addition to having the Mystic Mother aka Rita), and RPM (but the writing was on the wall that entire season that entire season that it was the end).

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