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Seriously, fuck Hogan. After beating the shit out of everyone with a chair (including a ref and a security official), he has the gall to get in Savage's face and demand a title shot. He even goes so far as to say the belt is his, pointing out that the nameplate still reads "Hulk Hogan." Keep in mind, just a few weeks ago he was pissing and moaning about his friends wanting a shot at the title when he held it. How anyone can cheer for this character is beyond me.

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On 7/4/2017 at 4:00 AM, The Master said:

In kayfabe: How the fuck is Hulk Hogan a face? Never mind the dirty back-rakes and eye-pokes, he is a whiny asshole. Sure, yeah, the ref messed up the final call of World War 3 '95, but instead of accepting his loss with grace -- like everyone else did, face and heel alike -- he pantomimes how he was screwed over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again like a punk, thus overshadowing Randy Savage's win.

Beyond not getting how his character is a face, the man is a dick; he keeps stepping in front of the camera every single time Savage is meant to be in focus. It's fucking infuriating.



Start at about 1:18:40 for a detailed breakdown of how awful of a babyface Hogan is.

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7 minutes ago, The Master said:

Something I've wondered since I was a kid: how come an inverted atomic drop is not considered a shot to the balls, and therefore a DQ?

It's supposed to be a spinal compression, just like the normal atomic drop, so the belief is that they're hitting their tailbone.

It really depends on who is selling it, but most of the time it just looks bad.  There's a reason you never see that move anymore.

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So whilst I don't currently subscribe to the Network - as I choose not to directly fund the mad masturbation fantasies of Vince McMahon - I look to other outlets to provide commentary on the present WWE. One of these outlets is the What Culture Wrestling team, who are miles ahead of the main What Culture site in that their articles and videos are done by a select team of contributors, who also run the UK indie fed WCPW on the side which has seen the likes of Kurt Angle, Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Alberto del whatever and Will Ospreay on their cards.

So far, so what? Well, said team are based out of Newcastle where I live/work and two of the main figures in that team have predictions contests based upon the results of WWE PPVs, in which the loser has to undertake a forfeit. For WWE Great Balls of Fire (see aforementioned Vince comment), the loser was made to perform a concert of embarrassing songs in the centre of Newcastle. That took place today around 10am, so like the responsible soul I am, I pretended I had a private appointment, left the office and moseyed on down to watch the following:

If you pause around the 4:55 minute mark, you'll spot a corpulent ginger gentleman in a suit hanging back to watch the fun, away from the 20-something students/slacker young people who are the more regular audience. The end of the video is one of those rubbish storyline things, which is eminently skippable.

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