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Since when does no camera mean no Skype?

No video conferencing via Skype is what I meant.

The backlash is getting bad on this thing. From Gizmodo:

A lot of people are psyched about the iPad. Not me! My god, am I underwhelmed by it. It has some absolutely backbreaking failures that will make buying one the last thing I would want to do. Updated

Big, Ugly Bezel

Have you seen the bezel on this thing?! It's huge! I know you don't want to accidentally input a command when your thumb is holding it, but come on.

No Multitasking

This is a backbreaker. If this is supposed to be a replacement for netbooks, how can it possibly not have multitasking? Are you saying I can't listen to Pandora while writing a document? I can't have my Twitter app open at the same time as my browser? I can't have AIM open at the same time as my email? Are you kidding me? This alone guarantees that I will not buy this product.

No Cameras

No front facing camera is one thing. But no back facing camera either? Why the hell not? I can't imagine what the downside was for including at least one camera. Could this thing not handle video iChat?

Touch Keyboard

So much for Apple revolutionizing tablet inputs; this is the same big, ugly touchscreen keyboard we've seen on other tablets, and unless you're lying on the couch with your knees propping it up, it'll be awkward to use.


Want to watch those nice HD videos you downloaded from iTunes on your TV? Too damned bad! If you were truly loyal, you'd just buy an AppleTV already.

The Name iPad

Get ready for Maxi pad jokes, and lots of 'em!

No Flash

No Flash is annoying but not a dealbreaker on the iPhone and iPod Touch. On something that's supposed to be closer to a netbook or laptop? It will leave huge, gaping holes in websites. I hope you don't care about streaming video! God knows not many casual internet users do. Oh wait, nevermind, they all do.

Adapters, Adapters, Adapters

So much for those smooth lines. If you want to plug anything into this, such as a digital camera, you need all sorts of ugly adapters. You need an adapter for USB for god's sake.

Update: Why stop at 8? Here are more things we are discovering that suck about the iPad.

It's Not Widescreen

Widescreen movies look lousy on this thing thanks to its 4:3 screen, according to Blam, who checked out some of Star Trek on one. It's like owning a 4:3 TV all over again!

Doesn't Support T-Mobile 3G

Sure, it's "unlocked." But it won't work on T-Mobile, and it uses microSIMs that literally no one else uses.

A Closed App Ecosystem

The iPad only runs apps from the App Store. The same App Store that is notorious for banning apps for no real reason, such as Google Voice. Sure, netbooks might not have touchscreens, but you can install whatever software you'd like on them. Want to run a different browser on your iPad? Too bad!

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What are the "awesome" features that it has that I don't already have on my iPhone? Especially to warrant you carrying around both your MacBook and this?

The whole thing just shows they put close to zero effort or thought in to it. The entire R&D costs for this was probably 4 large pizzas and a case of beer one night after 'real work'.

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What are the "awesome" features that it has that I don't already have on my iPhone? Especially to warrant you carrying around both your MacBook and this?

Well, that's the idea. It's like a middle-ground. If I don't want to carry around my MacBook everywhere, yet I still want my email, calendars, and iTunes library on the go, then I can take the iPad. And that's not even touching the ebook feature, which is something that neither the iPhone nor the Macbook do very well at all.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I've thought long and hard about finding something positive to say about the iPad. It will make watching porn easier.

POTD ... maybe ... I can't find one positive thing to say about it. I just don't like it.

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Oh I've got plenty of media files to have on the go, but yeah, no flash would definitely impede my redtube and other website activity :)

The other thing I think is dumb/people haven't considered. If I want roaming internet, that means I need a second 3G account/sim on top of my phone sim, so I'm paying extra for something I may or may only need for x% of the time. If the upside is porn, I want it available 24/7, everywhere!

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I'm thinking of jailbreaking my iPhone so I can add some dynamic theme features to it (and use the disk space as storage.

Has anyone here tried it and what was your view?

Does anyone wonder why Apple don't open it up more to themes, would they make a killing selling themes on itunes for even 50c, enough kids would do it. It just seems like an untapped market?

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I'm thinking of jailbreaking my iPhone so I can add some dynamic theme features to it (and use the disk space as storage.

Has anyone here tried it and what was your view?

Does anyone wonder why Apple don't open it up more to themes, would they make a killing selling themes on itunes for even 50c, enough kids would do it. It just seems like an untapped market?

Personally, I would never jailbreak my ipod touch because it voids the warranty, and I'm a straight shooter ;). If your warranty is done though, go ahead and try it. Post results!

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2nd UPDATE: Apple's Ban On Risque Apps Helping Google

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) recent decision to more tightly control programs sold through its popular App Store may push developers towards archrival Google Inc. (GOOG), a move that could give the Internet giant momentum as it stakes its place in the smartphone market.

Last week, Apple started removing sexually suggestive and risque programs, even though it had previously approved them. Since Thursday, roughly 6,000 apps, about 3%, have been deleted from the App Store, according to the App Shopper Web site, which tracks the online store's sales.

Apple's decision has roiled the broader community of app writers, who are concerned the consumer electronics giant's abrupt policy changes could jeopardize their revenue. Some are now considering whether to diversify their businesses by writing apps for Android, a Google-developed mobile phone operating system that is catching on.

"We look forward to branching out," said Fred Clarke. His company, On The Go Girls, had more than 30 of its apps pulled by Apple last week. Clarke said he would look to rework his apps for sale on Android Market, a Google-run digital marketplace.

Clarke may be at the forefront of a trend that could help level the playing field in the increasingly crowded smartphone market. The App Store is seen as a key differentiator for Apple's iPhone, driving sales by giving owners a reason to spend more time with the gadget. Since its debut in mid-2007, Apple has sold roughly 42 million iPhones and has had three billion apps downloaded.

A strong Android Market could help shift the balance, enticing consumers to buy devices running Google's operating system, which it gives away to handset makers in order to gain market share. It could also tempt consumers to buy Google's new Nexus One smartphone, which it sells through its own Web site.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google is interested in the smartphone market for good reason. It is one of the fastest-growing niches of the technology space and Google wants a piece of the growing mobile advertising market.

In a statement, Google made it clear it wants to position itself as an alternative to Apple, although it stopped short of naming its competitor. "We want to reduce friction and remove barriers that make it difficult for developers to make apps available to users," the company said.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller defended the purge, saying in an emailed statement that it was sparked by a small number of developers who in the last few weeks submitted a number of apps containing "very objectionable content."

"It came to the point where we were getting customer complaints from women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see," Schiller said.

Of course, Apple's App Store won't simply wither away. The Cupertino, Calif., company has a huge lead. The App Store offers 140,000 programs--roughly seven times the number available on Android Market. No competitor will bridge the gap quickly.

Even outspoken critics like Jon Atherton, whose adult-themed application was yanked from the App Store, say there's too much to lose by abandoning the App Store. Atherton simply rebuilt his program, which features animated bikini models, in a tamer form.

"It's funny whilst not offending anyone," he said via email.

Still, the kerfuffle places Apple at odds with the marketplace, where a large part of mobile data traffic is driven by adult content. According to mobile video software company Bytemobile, a third of all video watched on cellphones comes from pornography sites, roughly the same number as from YouTube. Nearly 10% of all sites visited in the U.S. on cellphones are adult sites, Bytemobile says.

Bytemobile collects its information by analyzing the traffic that flows over wireless networks. It sells software to carriers that narrows down how much bandwidth streaming video takes up.

More important, Apple has angered an important constituency that increasingly sees the value in alternative players--like Google--getting stronger.

Mike Hawk, co-founder of Grindhouse Mobile LLC, is one of those. Once a big fan of Apple's smartphone, Hawk says his company, which had a number of apps pulled last week, is limiting work on iPhone apps and boosting the programs he develops for competing platforms, specifically Google's.

"We will continue to aggressively build and market apps for Android and other platforms that operate on an open system," Hawk said. Those platforms, he said, give "developers and users much more freedom."


Seriously, do Apple really think they can shit on developers like this and still have a successful business model? The app store is what makes iPhone, driving developers to the competition is only going to weaken their position. You would have thought people would have learnt from Sony's mistake with BETA all those years ago. Skin sells!

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Yes. Yes it will.

Also, it's not the fact that you can look at porn, it's the fact that they are taking the option away from you.

But it's just removing the apps; there are still hundreds of iPhone-compatible porn sites out there.

But how can I get through the day without tickling a bikini clad woman with a feather while at work?

Actually I don't have an iPhone, but I'll bet money that app was real.

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