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I spy the Mask of Tengu Batman there, pretty cool. The only figure I'd consider getting at this point would be an Azreal, or maybe an Azbats if it was well done.

Yeah, I got him and bane from Knightfall, off of Ebay for like £7.

I was looking at azrael batman, but it costs £20 so f that.

Is Darkseid wearing the Inifinity Gauntlet?

You mean the gold hand?

Yeah, it came with the figure and I thought it looked better than the normal hand.

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Is Darkseid wearing the Inifinity Gauntlet?

You mean the gold hand?

Yeah, it came with the figure and I thought it looked better than the normal hand.

It can't be the infinity gauntlet because thats marvel. What is that glove supposed to be?

Hmm...if it came with the figure, it must not be the Infinity Gauntlet then. Hey Des, did Kirby ever give Darkseid a Golden Pimp Hand of Doom?

Yeah right around the time he gave him that big gold chalice and the wide brimmed floppy hat with a thanagarian wing sticking out the top. He wanted to call him Pimpseid but DC wasn't as keen on blaxploitation as old Jack.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

Nice pics suave they came out good.........I have a question for those who have posted pics of their shelves with comic books on them......... do you read any of them or do they just sit on the shelves?

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Nice pics suave they came out good.........I have a question for those who have posted pics of their shelves with comic books on them......... do you read any of them or do they just sit on the shelves?

I quite often pick something out as bedtime reading. There are a few things in my collection that I've only read once but by and large I've been through them all a few times. I think From Hell is the only thing I definitely haven't finished yet but I only got it at Christmas and its HUGE. Its day will come.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

just a quick update on the 1 DVD shelf I have up and running, I've added:

The 007 Collection

Alias The Complete Series

The He-Man DVD Sets

Smallville Seasons 4 & 6

The O.C. Seasons 1-2

I've owned these dvd's already, they were just in the pawn shop for a while. Got them back today! my collection is complete out of everything that I've bought. Now as I've said before just need a few more shelves for the regular movies, the baseball dvd's, and the....... gasp

Nickelback DVD's

:D :laugh: I've got a special plan for all the DCAU DVD's but need another shelf before I can implement it. :D


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Guest DCAUFan1051

here is the finalized version of my DVD Configuration for the new apartment. I can't believe I fit all three shelves on the dresser... it makes it look like 1 giant unit. This is the way I broke the DVD Collection down this time:

Shelf #1 All Animation including any animated movies, like Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (sorry best example I could think of)

Shelf #2 All TV on DVD Sets- at the bottom Baseball, Bond, and Nickelback

Shelf #3 Top Shelf all Comic Book films, and Beverly Hills Cop Lineup (currently reworking where those go) after that it's the rest of the movies I've got. And that's it for me I'm done until I get the place painted and all the posters on the walls. Which won't be for a while.

It's fuckin massive I think just look:




this last pic I'm adding because I just unpacked my Voltron Lion Force DVD Sets which I had forgotten all about. As well as showing off the Bond Sets that are in the Big Box.... I decided to take them out so I'd have easier access to them if I wanted to watch them. :D


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Guest DCAUFan1051
Looks nice Mike.

thanks... I actually stole the DCAU idea from your BOP review remember when you told me to watch the shelf in the beginning.... I've grouped all mine together including the individual movies. The BTAS set is just to big and takes up too much space to have it on a shelf so that's why it's up top lording over the rest of the animation lol

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Guest DCAUFan1051
Dammit Mike!

Glad you like the look enough to use it though.

Your shelves do look nice and in order though man, which is cool.

thanks looking at the pics on here I should go back and reorganize the DCAU DVD's into release year, but #1 I'm too lazy to look up or at the back of all the movie (single discs) to get the release years. And #2 I like em in alphabetical order. :D

An Suave the pics you took of your stuff came out great don't sell yourself short on just taking pics, even though you do the videos well the pics were just as great.

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Bump for a new dorm room.






Shelf space and details therein.


Fun branch thingy growing on my window


Figurine collection. The cute ones.


The knight/loyaltykink ones. From here, it looks like Sailor Uranus is swearing fealty to Vincent, and Auron is teaming up with Basch, who is jealous of Balthier giving either Zach or Sebastian the eye. One of the two. :P


The sexy ones.


The Mokonas hanging out with my iPod.

Various views of the room:






Closet areas:





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Meh, it's functional, and most of my time in here is either spent in the bed or at the desk. So long as those work, that's all I really need. :P

And there is a bit of space between the TV area and the desk that you don't really see in there.

I'm going to need to get a DVD shelf, though, I think. It can fit between the bed and the closet.

Though maybe next year I can finally get something larger than a closet for a single. Fucking lottery numbers that determine housing (unless you're a senior and you're trying for a single, you get a closet).

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Before MAP went on hiatus, I mentioned that I was moving.

Here are some pictures of my (now not-so) new place. Just the living room/office/dining room/kitchen, since that's where I spend all my time, and it's all the same room, and no one wants to see my bedroom or bathroom.


Here's the living room area. As a Chicagoan, I should be calling it a "front room," running "front" and "room" so close together that they sound like "fronTROOm," but eh. It's not at the front of anything. Yes, that's a working fireplace, but it's gas only, and has no chimney, and I am afraid of it. We do not use the fireplace.


Our speakers are quite big, and pretty monolithic paired with our (also quite big) TV. My husband (and all his douchebag friends) hate the way this looks, but I like it, and I win, because we don't have enough speaker wire to put them anywhere else!



This is our couch. We named her The Velour Fog. If you don't get it, well, maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore.


This is Charlie. My husband put him in a movie. Here's a rough cut of Charlie's movie. It is also called Charlie. I don't know where is arms and head are. The vintage smoking chair under Charlie is pretty boss.


This is a close-up of my bookcase. I need another one. At the bottom, that's where my husband makes his messes.


This is my record collection. It's box lives behind The Velour Fog. Also, my husband doesn't know how or care to alphabetize, especially not a dirty Misfits album, so that shouldn't be there. That's the A's.


This is the kitchen, with a sliver of the table that equals our "dining room" at the bottom of the photo. I love the table set. If you can't tell, it's this.


A sticker on my fridge. We had them made as a promo for a Windy City Story Slam show, the one with a "pervert" theme. I won that show. The jury is still out on whether or not I'm a pervert.


This is my "office." Really, it's a corner. They may not put Baby in the corner, but Niki goes to the corner daily. Or...something.


A clearer picture of the bookcase portion of the "office." The boxes store cords and old VHS and old school work (too much to fit into my filing cabinet--under the desk--anymore), DS games, and other random shit. Only reference books and text books and short story anthologies and lit mags go here. Fiction and other, narrative nonfiction go on the other bookcase.


Every journal I filled during undergrad, minus the two on the side I couldn't get into the frame.


The tchotchke in the top boxes of the bookcase in the "office." Yes, that's a cartoon Bill Cosby. Yes, that's a can of Buzz Cola and a box of Krusty O's. On the end, that little baggie in front of the buddha collection, is my dead dad. Funny story: My mother put her portion of his cremains in a crystal candy dish. When she decided she didn't want them anymore and gave them to me before I moved, she taped the lid down. I tried to get the tape off this weekend, and the thing slipped out of my hand and landed on the hard wood floors and shattered, and now my bag of dad needs a new home. The arm is from a Chuck Palahniuk signing. Don't judge me.


My desk. My new computer. New books I got. Lit mags I have to read over break for my internship. My boss headphones.


Shot of ALL the new books I got over break. Why I need another bookcase.


Close-up of the framed picture on my desk. It's my favorite picture of my dad. Found it just after he died. He's about...seventeen?


My Liz Lemon mug. It's where I keep my coffee. And my coffee-booze. Right now, it's filled with the latter.


This is the ceiling. We have fourteen-foot ceilings. I think. They are high.


This is Tim's backside. Is he bending over to get a Simpsons DVD off the bottom shelf, or getting ready to grind his ass down onto Charlie's member? Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.


And since I'm playing with Photobucket, here's a picture of me when I was sixteen and had pink hair and, clearly, shopped at the thrift store. I don't remember why I'm wearing a tiara. This is also before my (first) eyebrow piercing was ripped out. I also appear to be wearing a bra that is not helping at all.

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