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Guest TFG1Mike

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I emailed mike about this topic. He said it was a good idea

I have been working my ass off to get my apartment the way I want it. I'm not done yet I still have a few more things to finish up.

I'm going to post the pics in order of the work being done. So it will be from the time when I first moved in back in April of 2007 to RIGHT NOW.

If anyone else wants to post about there spaces, DVD collections, Toy Collections anything cool please feel free to post here.

YES I know there's a lot of pics but hey it's a lot of work that went into it :D
















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You know what I like about your apartment, Mike? It looks comfortable and has a personality. Too many homes lack life, but yours has it.

FYI: I removed the poll, because people could only vote once. So if they left a vote for your place, they couldn't do it for another one.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

ok mike that's cool

thanks for your opinion I'm not done yet if you look at the pic with my chair there are a whole bunch of posters and stuff those will be on the walls and I'm also going to have shelves built into the walls for my Transformers toy collection.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I originally thought this thread was about Myspace so I stayed away.

Anyways, we have the same tv. Which sucks for watching Blu-Ray because it only goes to 1080I so the aspect ratio is all wrong. I like the Rodger Rabbit stuff and that chair looks comfy.

the chair is comfy as hell I'm a big guy and I can sit in it and it envelopes me!!!!!!! the Roger Rabbit stuff came with the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD

that TV the left speaker went out and I went and bought a BOSE surround sound system to actually be able to hear TV lol. Thank god bose allows payment plans

I'm eventually gonna mount the TV on the wall with a shelf above it for all my electronic gear.

I'm putting the call out to anyone who wants to share their place with us on the forums Or DVD collections or anything that you might want to share about where you live.

I got the title Rate My Space from HGTV lol

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Guest DCAUFan1051
My stuff is spread everywhere but I plan on starting a thread detailing the renovation of my future garage into my future studio. it will be glorious.

post it here des that's what the thread is for :D

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Guest DCAUFan1051
My room is in a land that time forgot. I fear that if I post pictures of it, people will go into clutter-induced seizures.

LOL James but the whole point behind the thread is to show off your favorite collections and your entertainment setup. So I highly doubt anyone would react negatively look at my earlier pics it was a mess and I've gradually gotten it lookin good. I'm eventually going to take close up pics of my DVD shelves and Transformers Toy Collection and post them :D

suspend your disbelief :laugh:

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Guest DCAUFan1051

It's been a while since I posted in this thread but seeing as I've recently moved I figured I'd give everyone a look at my NEW 2 Bedroom place. :D Keep in mind I just mobed in and everything isn't as I'd like it as far as paint and hanging posters etc etc... So be gentle with the opinions lol :laugh:

I'm gonna start this montage like I did the last one with when I first looked at the apartment with nothing in it.

The Following Are Shots of the Living Room:




The Next ones are of the Master Bedroom:




Now with Furniture in the Living Room as well as the DVD shelf on the dresser in the bedroom then that's all for now:





The DVD's that are shown aren't even a half of my collection all the actual movies are stil in boxes this is just TV Shows :D (well for the most part they're TV Shows lol) There are a few movie sets out but as far as being shelved it's all TV Shows :laugh: I love TV!!!!

I have big plans for the new place it's just gonna take me longer to actually execute them.

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