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Name some of your favorite artists, and attach some examples of their work if you can. Arts a huge part of what makes a comic great in my book, and there are probably more artists that I will follow from book to book than actual writers.

Phil Hester- probably the most cartoony of my list but at the same time everything is in right proportion and the strong outlines and use of shade really set his work apart from most others. Had a great run on Green Arrow and knocked Ant-man out of the park.


Sean Phillips

Not only does the man work with Brubaker on Sleeper and Criminal but he also did Marvel Zombies. Similar use of dark to Hester although it all feels like is falling that way on the characters, who are always well proportioned. Does a great job distinguishing his characters in the dark noirish setting he works in.


Michael Lark

Current Daredevil artist, former Gotham Central artist. A master of grit, grime, action and crime. The last two issues of DD in particular have been astonishing, what started out as a fairly low-key run visually has progressed to magic ninja fights and a scene last issue between Matt Murdock and Dakota North that simply crackled with sexual energy. This is his best work yet.


Ryan Ottley

Long time Invincible artist regularly walks the line between a sunny happy family book and astonishing violence without ever making it seem out of character for the book.


Stuart Immonen of Ultimate Spider-man and Charlie Adlard are also personal favorites.

Who do you like & recommend?

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I'm going to commit blasphemy here and say that I'm not the biggest fan of Alex Ross.

Don't get me wrong, his covers are fantastic, but I find a lot of his interior work distracting at best. His stuff is uber pretty, but doesn't always lend itself the best to storytelling.

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That looks like ass to me. I prefer a cleaner, more realistic style.

I know I shouldn't have an opinion, because only now am I branching out from batman but that looks shit to me as well. Off topic, I'm not a fan of frank Millers Dark Knight work. But I just read The punisher Barracuda, and the art by Goran Palov and really liked that.

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I know I shouldn't have an opinion…

Man, what? Of course you’re entitled to an opinion. It might not be as well informed as some of the other guys here, but if you like or dislike the way something looks you’re perfectly entitled to say as much. I don’t care much for Millar’s art on DKR either, even though I enjoyed the story. I think you’ll find quite a few guys here who feel the same way.

I’ll probably post more artists later, but I really liked Sarah Mensinga’s work in Flight #5. This image doesn’t really give the artwork justice, but it’s the best I could find for the moment.


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Gonna go OLD SKOOL on you all now.

80's Marvel UK artist Geoff Senior. Co-created Death's Head, drew Action Force, Dr Who and many others. All of which pales in comparison to his run from issue 42 to 250 on the UK Transformers title with legendary writer Simon Furman (Seriously, this run surpasses Claremont/Byrne on X-men for my money). Most artists who drew the Transformers back in the day made them look like ass, but Senior made use of thier robotic forms with long sweeping lines to lend them a most flexible action-ready look. They always look like they are ready to spring into a fight. His black and white work is equally awesome.





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