Things Most People Like that You Can't Stand


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It can be stuff that you think's overrated, overhyped, or just things that you can recognize the merits of, but hate anyway.

Here are some of mine.

Eggs as a food - I can't stand how they taste, rather simple.

Halo - Everything it does has been done before, and better.

Audition - A bland suspenseless movie that loves itself way too much to make any sort of sense.

Sarah Silverman - I get it, she says wacky racist stuff in a cutesy voice. If she was overweight or less attractive, no one would give a shit.

Nirvana - The most overrated band of all time, period. Their singles are so overplayed that my ears bleed at the mere sound of them starting up, and the rest of their catalog is so plodding that it works better as a sleep aid than music.

Wolverine - Nuff said, really.

I'll think of more later.

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The Beetles, Elvis and Led Zeppelin: I understand what they did for music, but I personally don't get their appeal.

The Halo series: Why is this so acclaimed? Shooting aliens from a first-person POV is somehow innovative?

Sarah Silverman: What DW said.

Sandman: What little I've read was boring.

Modern sitcoms: They're all the same: a slightly dimwitted man is married to an out-of-his-league woman, and so-called hilarity ensues.

Heroes: Started out slow, got better but died.

Gambling, especially Texas Hold 'Em: You're not going to win, so stop wasting your money.

Most sports: Though I appreciate athleticism, watching and playing sports has never been my thing. That said, I love watching rugby.

Family Guy: "Hey, Lois! Remember that time I met John Lennon?" [insert 15-second clip of Peter pissing off Mark David Chapman, who pulls a gun and accidentally shoots Lennon] "Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!"

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Guest DCAUFan1051

The Harry Plopper Film Series

The Lord Of the Rings Film Series

Pirates Film Series

The Saw Film series - ugh lets not get that started :sick:

the Dallas Cowboys (2008)

WORKING Is definitely overrated :D

Heroes- it's always been dead to me never got the concept it's a x-men rip off moreso then Mutant X ever was

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Guest DCAUFan1051
Heroes- it's always been dead to me never got the concept it's a x-men rip off moreso then Mutant X ever was

To be fair, Mutant X was a Marvel TV show, so it wasn't a ripoff of the X-Men.

I was saying that heroes seems to me like it is a ripoff

I loved Mutant X it was 10x better then Heroes

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I just can't get any to football or football games.

I never can get into halo, I mean I got 3 and never finished it.

Sarah Silverman is not funny, excpet for I'm fucking Matt Damon.

I never liked the first X-Men movie.

The Hulk

Fantastic four.

Modern sketch shows besides the mitchell and webb look

Lego indiana Jones, it was bollocks.

Money in the bank ladder matches, they never lived up to the hype for me.

Superman in general, except for the Reeves movies, I hate the character.

Most fighting games. (Street fighter being one of the exceptions, and any classic fighter, not the ones out today)

Pirates of the carribean 1 and 3. I liked 2 though.

Two and a half men, it's just not funny.

The sixth season of Family guy.

From the first episode alone, the third season of Dexter.

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Batman RIP: It's typical "look how confusing I can be... err, I mean how clever I am" writing on Grant Morrison's part, and the art is crap.

Ender's Game: If the first few chapters are any indication of how the characters are written throughout the novel, then I can't understand why it's considered a classic of the genre.

Sarah Palin's sex appeal: At best she looks okay for a woman her age, but the second she opens her mouth, she becomes ugly.

Blonds: Seriously, what's the big deal?

Religion: I just don't get it.

Strip clubs: Why would anyone pay all that money to wind up with nothing at the end of the night? Drop the cash on an escort; at least then you can touch her without a bouncer roughing you up.

Tim Burton's Batman films: They're nonsensical trash.

Getting stumbling drunk: It's one thing to have a drink or three to relax, that I understand. But getting so drunk that you become ill, can't walk straight, forget everything that happened, etc., that's where you lose me.

The near-violent hatred of Spider-Man: One More Day: By no means am I sticking up for the story -- it was a silly way to undo the Parker marriage -- but it didn't ruin the character, nor does it take anything away from the stories that were told over the last 20 years.

Hal Jordan: Vanilla ice cream is great; vanilla characters, not so much.

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Adam Sandler Movies - Every one of them is the same. He's always some 30 something loser that is completely irresponsible and dopey in his everyday life, but when he gets angry, he's suddenly Anderson fucking Silva and can take out twenty guys at once. His love interest is always some hottie that could have any guy on the planet, but she falls for the Sandler manchild because the wacky way he talks to rubber duckies is SO unconventional.

And Kate Beckinsale actually dropped her heavenly British accent in the one movie she was in with him. I will NEVER forgive him for that shit.

Marijuana - I've never touched a drug in my life, but I'm all for legalizing it so that potheads will never have anything to talk about ever again.

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Don't forget about Morgan Freeman, Des.

Lil Wayne - I'm probably the only person on here that listens to much hip hop, but this idiot actually has the world convinced that he's a great rapper. The guy that says he "got more jewels than a jeweler" and that he likes his "Sprite Easter pink" actually won a best lyricist award. Best lyricist. <_<

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All movie edition right here ...

-- The Boondock Saints: It fails in just about everything it sets out to do. I will never understand how this movie ever got so popular.

-- Oldboy: Maybe the most frustrating thing about the movie is that it actually does do a lot of things well, but the story is absolutely god awful by the end and had me ready to claw my eyes out in frustration.

-- Fight Club: Well, I don't really hate it, but the ridiculous fanboys make me want to hate it.

-- The Graduate: Again, I don't hate it, but I thought it was boring and unfunny a lot of the time.

-- Paprika: For the anime fans. It looks great, but the story is kind of dull. Perfect Blue is a better Satoshi Kon mindscrew movie.

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