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Yesterday, after my evening meal, which I normally have around 5-6pm, I went upstairs and had a nap. At 11pm, I turned my radio off and stayed in bed until 6:40 this morning to be up for work. Now I'm pretty busy at the best of times, so whilst I can see that it's probably good for me that I've caught up on some rest, I sacrificed an evening I needed for both the gym and the oWa, not to mention editing down the next FYEO.

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Also, I'm sick of this Swine Flu business, and it's only getting worse: They've announced the first suspected case of it in Chicago (and this is the city proper, not just a suburb).

And it's in my new area, so my mom is totally freaking out. *sigh*

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Merg. It's not been fatal in the US so far, so so long as it doesn't start killing people in their teenage and 20s/30s here, we have nothing to worry about. There are several reasons it got so bad in Mexico, and they're kind of horrible for me to say, so I won't.

Also, yeah, something's definitely wrong with either my power cord or the port it plugs into. Need to do a test with someone else's power cord.

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Flu normally kills kids and the elderly, they've got the weakest immune systems. You only have to start worrying if it kills people in their prime (late teens to early 30s) like it did in Mexico, because flu doesn't normally do that.

Regardless, please to not be getting sick, peoples. :P

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I'm sorry if you all think I'm an asshole for saying this, but it really isn't my responsibility to pay for someone else's health care. Sorry, but it's not. Period. I'll immediately pay for anything my future family needs because THEY ARE MY FAMILY. THEY are my responsibility. And conversely, why should someone else have to pay for my health care?

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