The honeymoon

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This time next Saturday I'll be a married man, but that doesn't mean the site will take a break during our honeymoon. In fact, the only podcast that won't air while we're away will be The Show. Everything else will go up as scheduled, though maybe a little later in the day than normal because I'll be working on California time, not Chicago time.

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I could, but I have a laptop I can use and some free time each morning, so it isn't a big deal to update the site as normal. That said, if for whatever reason I can't get online, phone calls will be made to keep it running.

We'll be in San Francisco and then wine country.

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Happy nuptials, Mike! Have a brilliant fortnight, because you deserve it and I'm very happy for you and Shana! The rest of us bickering for two unchecked weeks won't be enough to bring down the site!!

Cut to two weeks later, apes rule the earth and the logs of the earth-2 chatroom show that it's clearly Ian's fault. And we could have stopped him. Have a great Honeymoon Mike (and Mrs Mike of course)!

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