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Count Orlok


Temperament: Disgruntled

Parodied by: Willam Dafoe (albeit lovingly)

Fact: Once scissor kicked Angela Lansberry.




Temperament: Stoic

Parodied by: No one. Seriously. He doesn't fuck around.

Fact: Once ate the Bible while water skiing.

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Reminding that people need to post why. 7 votes and only three posts.

I voted PInhead because I believe that his presence outdoes Orlok. There's no beating Orlok's iconic status but Pinhead is THE horror villain to me: innovative, horrific, terrifying, driven.

Also, he's probably the only one on the list that can beat Freddy, and I don't want Freddy to win.

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Orlok. I watched Hellraiser recently, Pinhead more of a sado-masochistic gimmick than a character. What I've read of the sequels seems conflicted too, it sounds like his character is quite inconsistent. He's not even the villain in that first film. Plus he owes everything about the way he looks bar the actual pins to Orlok.

Orlok's wants and desires define him, Pinhead works according to a fairly arbitrary set of rules. I just think Orlok is a far more complete character.

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