The Omniverse Draft!


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Here it is!

Seven picks from across the omniverse of comics. One villain selection. Who will have the greatest crossover event of all time? Let's find out.

The rules and regulations:

1. Your team will have seven picks. If you only wish to have five, then you will sit out on the 6th and 7th round until the villain round.

2. The picking order will not snake. In order to be as fair as possible, the name of each person will be written on a piece of paper and the order will be picked form the blank DVD tower lid that I draw all Dread Media contest winners from.

3. You may NOT pick more than one character from a specified universe. If you pick Savage Dragon, then you may not pick Spawn because they inhabit the same shared universe.

4. You MAY pick characters from the same publisher PROVIDED they do not share the same universe. If you pick Savage Dragon, then you can have him team up with Walking Dead's Rick Grimes to take on zombie superfreaks. They do not inhabit the same universe, so that is fine.

5. You may ONLY pick one character published by Marvel Comics.

6. You may ONLY pick one character published by DC/VERTIGO/WILDSTORM Comics.

7. ONE of your picks may be a non-comics-originated property, provided they have appeared in a published comic book. For example: Darth Vader.

Who's in?


Here's the picking order. I hope Will can do the spreadsheet for this. I assure you, this is totally random. If you question that, well, then suit yourself, and do some other stuff to yourself too. :)

I think it's fair that anybody else wanting in can do so until round one is over. They will be added to the end in the order in which they request to be "in."

The List:









Kenny Evil



UPDATE: Here's the spreadsheet (Thanks Will!)

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Quick question, how many variations on Dr Who are we allowed between us? Because they've all been in comics under various companies, but then they also count as a non-comics character realised in comics. Just saying, if one of us picks the 4th could another go with the 10th? Especially since he's a character that frequently crosses his own continuity

I was totally going to go with the Governor as my villain, but I got a little upset at the idea of him crossing over with some of my other choices. I don't want anything that horrible to happen to them.

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